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Techfoliance was launched with a mission to provide global views and insights to help decision makers better understand and predict FinTech trends. The company is leveraging big data and machine learning to empower
human intelligence, a network of C-levels in FinTech that was created in high-potential markets.
To date, the team has shared 400+ insights and analysis in all topics related to Digital Banking, Payments,
InsurTech, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Financial Inclusion or Financial Literacy and is covering three main

  •  Techfoliance Europe:
  • Techfoliance LATAM:
  • Techfoliance Africa:
  • Techfoliance Middle East: Coming soon

The founders, Alexandre Velut and Xavier Gomez are former Credit Suisse bankers who spent the last few years
meeting with global communities and FinTech start-ups to tackle the challenges of the industry in developed
and emerging markets. As mentors and speakers at various global events, they play an active role in the
ecosystem to contribute to shape the future of banking.


Alexandre Velut

Xavier Gomez


Techfoliance is also creating data-driven content to help financial institutions, non-financial institutions and
FinTech scale-ups extend their reach and educate targeted customers to their area of expertise.



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