Can You Make A Dentist Office Less Scary?



The dentist isn’t many people’s favourite place. It is a common fear that people have and a lot of us grow up and avid the place at all costs so that we don’t have to worry about sitting in those blue chairs with mouth opened wide. 


But if you are the owner of a dentist surgery this can be a little bit of a problem. Trying to attract people to your dental surgery can be hard and making the place feel like a relaxing haven is a challenge to say the least. 


That’s why today we want to give you some helpful tips for your dental office fitout to help you make the most of the space and ensure that it is the best place for people to come when they have an issue with their teeth. 


Comfy Chairs 

It is important when designing a waiting room for your patients to think of comfort as well as convenience. There may be times where your patients are waiting for a long period for their appointment, and even in the operating room, they may be sat for hours having braces fitted or veneers. It is important for you to fit comfortable chairs for people to relax in because this not only relaxes their body, but it will also have a positive effect on their morale. 



As well as the comfort of your adult patients, you will want to think about the children who will visit your surgery. Children can often be fearful of a dentist or doctors visit and this is something you can change by creating a safe environment for them. The waiting room should always have a toy box handy where children can play and distract themselves from where they are. It will reduce fear and make the trip less painful for the child and the parent! 



A TV is the ultimate distraction and if you want to make sure your patients are happy, a tv in the room is a great idea. You can put something educational on such as an animal programme or choose a game show where your patients will be able to think about answers and distract themselves. When it comes time for a patient to be called in, you can set up a system where the name flashes on the TV screen. This will make your office admin a little easier as well as allowing for a smooth flow of patients throughout the day. 


Colour and art

The main thing you want to consider when designing a dental office is the waiting room. It can be daunting for patients to come to your dental office, and if the waiting room is dark, dingy and clinical; it can create the wrong impression from the beginning. Think of designing a waiting room in the same way that you would design a living room. Imagine light and air, visual stimulus such as colour, and features which will bring the space to life.


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