Is Working From Home Good For Your Business?

Owning and running an active home business is something the majority of working adults are doing these days. Whether you’ve already got a job, but run a side hustle from home at the same time, or you’re a freelancer who operates out of a living room, you’ve found that being able to work from the comfort of your own four walls is the best way to get your work done, and make yourself a decent amount of money at the same time!


But could these circumstances be improved? Is working from home truly good for your business? After all, the home isn’t just a place of work – it’s filled to the brim with distractions, and your brain itself might be struggling to associate your home and work life together.


So, we thought it’d be a good idea to run through a few ideas below, to try and help you work out if your home working arrangement is best for your business. If you’re worried that you might be losing out on the profits you could be making because of your home-based nature, feel free to read on.

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Home Businesses are Generally Successful


If you run a business from home, there’s not too much you can lose out on, if things go awry and you end up going bust. You won’t lose your home, and you won’t have to sell any of your assets, simply because you don’t really own any tangible ones!


And when you’re working from home on the side, you still have your main source of income from your 9 to 5 to keep you afloat! All in all, there’s less risk to deal with, as compared to starting a traditional business that you might have been considering beforehand.


It’s Convenient and Flexible


Working from home is one of the most convenient arrangements a modern worker can have at hand. The more time you spend at home, the more freedom you have with your schedule, and if you’ve got a family to look after at the same time, you never have to be away from them. And because of that, you’re a flexible worker, who always manages to find time to take meetings and head out to networking events, and things are really suiting you.


But have you ever found yourself, more often than not recently, wishing you had a workplace to head out to in the morning? A place where you could banish procrastination, and actually mingle with your coworkers in? Because the isolation of a remote working situation is one of the main downsides a home business has to contend with.


But You Might Need a Commercial Zone


But against all of this good news, operating out of your own home might have one glaring downside to it: it’s a not an office, and it’s not a shop, and it’s hard to treat your home as either as a result. It’s hard to invite people in for consultations, especially if you don’t have a dedicated room to do so, and operating out of a residential neighbourhood can make the neighbours very angry in turn.


It’s why you might want to consider taking the next step. And the next step is usually finding your own work station away from home, to make sure you’ve got that professional space the working world is looking for you to have. You don’t even have to undertake this endeavour alone; locating a suitable working space can be made much easier when using services like Prosper Group – property buyers agents, if you’re worried about the time such a search might pull away from your home business.


So, is Working From Home Truly Right For You?


In the working world, you have to take the good with the bad. Most working situations will have a downside to them, but they can usually be outweighed by the number of pros your current job affords you.


But when you’re working from home, all alone, and in a non-dedicated space, it can be hard to keep things up. It can be hard to focus on your side hustle, and it can be hard to take the necessary steps to get out there and build your business. You might even find yourself reluctant to leave the house from time to time, simply because you’ve gotten so used to the arrangement.


Think about it. Working from home has its upsides, but it can turn into a toxic situation that’s hard to get out of.

Lisa Besserman, Founder and CEO of Startup Buenos Aires, has been named as Business Insider’s “Top 100 Most Influential Women in Tech”, and the 2014 “Business Innovator of Latin America” by the Council of the Americas.

Lisa moved to Buenos Aires from New York City to create Startup Buenos Aires, the organization that represents the startup, tech and entrepreneurial community of Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Startup Buenos Aires has been one of the main catalysts for strengthening the tech ecosystem in Latin America, by bringing global startup initiatives, development projects and investment opportunities to the region.
Under Lisa’s leadership Startup Buenos Aires has been credited as “Top 3 Growing Startup Cities” by CNBC and “5 Emerging Global Tech Hubs” by Entrepreneur Magazine.

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