How To Find The Right Employee

Hiring someone new can be a long and difficult process. It’s important to find someone who is not capable of doing the job, but who is also the right fit for you and your company. You need someone who fits in with the company culture, and who will deliver on the job. 



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Define The Job First

Start by setting out the terms of the job first. What will the main duties and responsibilities be? What skills will your new staff member needs? What will the outcome of the job be? From here, you can begin to identify a clear picture of the kind of person you are looking for. 


Plan Your Strategy

Go in prepared. Decide who should be responsible for hiring the new member of the team. Do you need other managers or team members in with their line manager, or will HR be handling the whole process? Plan your recruiting strategy. Where will the job be advertised so the right people see it? Will you use a recruitment agency to help you?


Review Applications

Going over resumes, cover letters and applications is time consuming, but needs to be done thoroughly. Go back to the list your started with, of the kind of candidate you needed, and check how the application stands up against it. Do they meet the requirements for the skills you decided you needed? Check for relevant qualifications, skills and experiences. 


Pre-Screen Candidates

You can save a lot of time in interviews by only bringing in the most qualified candidates. A pre-screening can help you see how relevant their experience actually is to the job you’re interviewing for. You can also use pre-screening to discuss salary expectations. 


Pre-screening could be done by someone from your HR team as a telephone interview. You could also ask candidates to complete a pre-employment test, to check for cognitive abilities, skills and a good personality fit. 


Ask The Right Questions

The job interview is the most important part of hiring. The questions you ask should be crafted to help you find the right employee. You should ask questions that reveal how someone will fit in with the company culture, and how they will deal with different aspects of the job role. 


Check References

Background checks are important too. Check that any credentials a candidate presents can be backed up. 


You should always get a reference from a previous work place to ensure there are no problems you don’t know about. You can also check education references to make sure qualifications are genuine, and double check for nasty surprises like a criminal record. Some jobs, such as a career in finance, should also complete a credit check too, to check for any risks. 


With a proper plan before you start looking for candidates, you can find the right employee, who will deliver quality skills, hard work and a personality that will fit in with the rest of your staff. You should be able to find a loyal staff member too. 


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