Essential Tech For Your Business



If you’re a small business owner you need to rely on your tech to do things for you rather than an extensive personnel. Make sure you update to the latest advances in technology to keep things running as efficiently as possible. Here are some examples of great business tech your company can’t do without.


Cloud computing

Update your system and documents to the cloud. This is a much cheaper way to store your information and you can access it from any device. It’s also better as you can share documents and edit them in real time. Choose software that is compatible with this such as Google docs and other computer aided tools or design programs. This can greatly improve your internal and external communication. You can upload material and send the link to clients immediately asking for feedback or evening invoicing. This means you can work a lot faster and more efficiently.  


Virtual reality 

This is a great tool for showing your clients are more realistic make up of your product. There are many augmented reality (AR) products available on the market such as the Hololens of Microsoft. These will allow your customers to view a protocol of your product and will make the initial stages of your sale more effective. 


Social Media

Social media is fundamental to your marketing. Set up an Instagram account and post regularly. Use Facebook Pixel to advertise on Facebook. It’s also a good idea to set up a sponsorship with a blogger on influencer. Post online tutorial videos and make as many contacts as you can, you will increase your fanbase more quickly the more you post and add links to your website. For tips on how to make your website more effective, click here. Use LinkedIn to make business connections and send out email sequencing to reach more clients. These automated emails will be the quickest way to reach out to everyone in your client base, potential and existing customers. 


Instant payments

You want to have a quick and easy process for invoicing and payments. Many devices can be equipped for card payments which means you make transactions anywhere. With Payanywhere card reader you can set up a point of sale for your business and take card payments there and then. It’s a good idea to set up devices so that you can use them to pay with as well. 


Wireless conference rooms

These allow you to stream video and other media to any other location. There are a few companies working on this service and again you have the freedom to take your business anywhere. 


Set up an app

This the future of how everyone will do most things, particularly services you pay for. Setting up an app might be a faster way to communicate with your customers. For advice on how to set up an app have a look online


Stay up-to-date! Run all your operating system updates as this will mean you are compatible with more software. 



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