How Running A Sustainable Business Can Motivate Your Team



Running a sustainable business is not only your duty to the environment but also can do wonders for your brand image. Companies with an eco-centered outlook are proven to be more successful and this massively improves your credibility. Not only are you doing good for the planet and your sales revenue but it will help to motivate your employees as well. Building an environmentally friendly atmosphere can help you to boost morale and create a more innovative workforce culture. Here are some ways you can successfully run a sustainable business. 


Be More Energy-Efficient


There are several things you can do to reduce your consumption of non-renewable resources. Start by cutting down on your electricity bill. Replace all your lightbulbs with more energy-efficient LEDs. This goes for outdoors as well. LEDs are much more durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions. They hardly waste any energy at all on heat loss and provide years of quality light which is very important for improving proper workplace conditions.


The best way to save energy is to keep your building insulated. Make sure all your windows are double-glazed and install carpets and rugs to reduce heat loss. These will protect you from the cold and other elements as well, thus reducing your need for heating and air-conditioning. Creating a more comfortable temperature in the office is a good way to boost motivation. If your staff bicker about the temperature, make sure you educate them about the environmental impact of electric heaters and air-con. Look for other solutions instead such as fans and think about changing the dress code. 


Consider your options for using more renewable resources. Think about installing solar panels. For more information, there are many video testimonies online from those who have managed it. 


Sustainable Materials


A boring white, cheap and synthetic office isn’t a very motivating place to work. If you vamp up your interior, also by using sustainable materials you can create a more inspiring environment for your employees. 


Upcycling is a fun way you can find a use for any object. It’s also a great way to refurbish old furniture. You can make this a team project if you like. Get your employees to donate old household objects and fabrics and get creative. Do it as a team-building activity during office hours so they feel motivated to get involved. The possibilities are endless from creating plant pots and stationery, to desk furniture. Run a workshop on the project and brainstorm some ideas. There are some suggestions online as well if you’re finding it difficult to get inspiration. 


Create a timeless look using natural materials if you’re going for a refurbish. Look for good quality woods, brick, and stone. These are much more durable and don’t waste emissions from manufacture and transport. Always consider the source of your supplies. 


Plants and Gardens


Plants are always a great way to brighten up the office. Not only do they eat away at the air pollution but they are proven to create a calming and positive atmosphere. There are many low maintenance species available you can use to decorate your workspace. 


Outdoor projects are a great way to motivate your staff to work together. Gardening is proven to be very therapeutic. Getting in touch with nature can help you gain a lot of perspective, and it’s incredibly satisfying watching something grow because of your nurture. Set up a garden for your team, or rent out an allotment. This will be a fun way to work together and with an environmental focus as well. You can even use office compost to feed your plants. 


Change Your Habits


Encourage recycling in the office and waste reduction. Hold workshops and meetings to enforce proper recycling and educate your staff on the environmental goals of the week. You could start recycling Fridays for example, where if you need to print something, you can only print it on paper which has already been printed on one side. Make sure your staff understand the benefits of recycling and know how to use government-issued containers to separate waste. 


You can offer items made from recycled materials to your staff, such as reusable water bottles and stationery. This is a cheap investment to motivate them to care about the environment. It will also cheer them up as they’ll get a little present. 


Introduce reusable items in common areas such as kitchen and bathrooms. Encourage staff to take part in this and bring in their own containers. You can have fun with upcycling again here and make every day objects more personal. 


Take more time to really get to know your staff and their habits. How do they arrive to work? Could you help them out by implementing a carpooling system? Encourage employees to travel together by bike or on public transport, so that they feel more comfortable with eco-friendly lifestyle changes. 


Make Technology Work For You


A step up from recycling, go paperless. You should be using technology to your advantage to avoid wasting paper and energy. Upload all your documents to the cloud so they can be accessed at any time, from any device. Focus on your digital marketing and online presence. This is the most successful way to market your business. Look into affiliate marketing and its benefits. You can find out more from companies such as voluum. This is a popular career path nowadays and bloggers and influencers are always looking for more companies to endorse. 


Develop a strong presence on social media such as Instagram and Twitter and start your own blog. You can get your team involved in this as well. Regularly post video updates of your team projects for example. This will not only motivate the team to put more effort into them but will also help your brand image. Your followers will share your posts about the environmental work you are doing and it will help build up a great reputation for your company. This positive feedback will also encourage your employees. 



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