How to Display Your Products Like a Pro

When you are running a retail environment, it is essential that you display your products in the most appealing way possible. This is one of the easiest and most effective ways to enhance sales. Of course, there is no single ‘right’ way to display your products, but we are going to give you a few ideas of what you can do.

Show Them in the Best Light

Good lighting is vital when you are setting up a product display, so make sure that your products are well-lit. Often, you will have a single product for viewing, and many more in boxes. This show product needs to look as good as it possibly can and lit from all angles. Retail environments, in general, need to be bright and inviting to encourage a positive reaction from your customers. Even if you run an online business, photographingyour products in the right light is essential for making them look their best.

Protect Your Products

As much as possible, you need to keep your out-of-the-box products well-protected. This may mean a ‘do not touch’ policy particularly when it comes to anything breakable. If your display is outside, you are likely to need some products to protect from the elements such as tents or boat shelters. If your products get damaged, they are likely to look less appealing and you may end up putting potential customers off.

Show Them in Action

As the old saying goes: ‘a picture is worth a thousand words.’ Rather than have the product sitting there lifeless, you could have someone using it. This way, it helps people to imagine themselves with it and how the product will benefit their own life.

Try creating a story. For example, if you are selling a thick winter jacket, you should have a picture of someone wrapped up warm in a snowy and icy environment. Do the work for your customers and it helps the facilitate the journey from imagination to purchase.

Plan Out the Customer Journey

The first interaction that potential customers are likely to have with your store is the shop window. This is where your display needs to be particularly attractive and enticing to encourage customers into the building. You should display a good selection of your best-selling products. When customers enter your store, you want them to be able to find these products easily, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be the first thing they see. Instead, you can plan out their journey, imagining what else they will see along the way to maximize the number of products you are likely to sell.

Encouraging your customers to buy your products by displaying them well is a subtle art form, but also one that is worth mastering to ensure your retail business survives and thrives. Remember that your shop needs to be an ever-changing environment to keep up with current trends and to give your regular customers a reason to keep coming back time and time again.




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