How to Grow a Strong Business Architecture Practice

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If you aren’t achieving your business goals across your product lines and business units, the chances are high that your collaboration and communication across these units aren’t effective. Having a healthy business architecture practice can help you solve this and other related challenges in your business. But what is business architecture, and how can you maintain an effective one? 

Read on to learn a few tips for growing a productive business architecture practice.

What Is Business Architecture?

Business architecture is a practice that ensures your business is transparent, adopts a shared vision, and enhances effective communication and collaboration across all departments in a company.

It is easy for stakeholders to collaborate, analyze issues, and resolve business problems with clarity and transparency. The right business architecture enhances the alignment of business processes across product and business units. Additionally, with the official source enhanced conceptual frameworks, the business will adopt transformative strategies necessary for your company’s growth.  

5 Tips to Help You Build a Strong Business Architecture Practice 


  • Set Actionable Goals


Focusing on a business architecture practice without clear goals is preparing to fail. You need to create a list of goals and objectives you intend to achieve for the entire project. Often, a business architecture practice aims to enhance collaboration and communication

Set your goals along these lines, and train your team towards achieving them. If you want to succeed in this engagement, you should ensure that the workforce aligns itself to the organization’s goals.


  • Build a Strong Team


The success of your business architecture practice depends entirely on the team you have on board. Focus on recruiting team members who are customer-oriented excellent communicators focused on excelling at finding value and can meet the organization’s objectives. 


  • Get Buy-in from Your Ecosystem


To offer the expected value in your business, you should put more effort into bringing all the involved people together. Your team should aim at getting buy-in from within the company. 


  • Integrate Enterprise with Business Architecture


Most businesses fail to implement business architecture because they tend to develop a new niche instead of integrating it within the enterprise architecture. Integrating business architecture within your enterprise and organizational architecture can help you grow your business. 

Such integration helps you enhance your business growth since it ensures that all business units are operational. 


  • Have a Reliable Management 


The creation of a successful business architecture practice is dependent on the availability of a strong management sponsor. The manager you appoint to lead this initiative should be a good sponsor. However, the person you engage for such a project should be business strategic-oriented. 

Having business management sponsorship is necessary for the success of this project. Usually, such a focus enhances the efficiency of the top-down decision-making process. The acknowledgment and delivery of success in enterprise governance, policies, and standards require top management sponsorship.  

Improving your business architecture practice is vital for the growth of your business. Use these tips to enhance your business architecture practice. A business’s success depends on a myriad of pillars. Reliable, steady, productive, and flexible business architectures are the most preferred.


Lisa Besserman, Founder and CEO of Startup Buenos Aires, has been named as Business Insider’s “Top 100 Most Influential Women in Tech”, and the 2014 “Business Innovator of Latin America” by the Council of the Americas.
Lisa moved to Buenos Aires from New York City to create Startup Buenos Aires, the organization that represents the startup, tech and entrepreneurial community of Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Startup Buenos Aires has been one of the main catalysts for strengthening the tech ecosystem in Latin America, by bringing global startup initiatives, development projects and investment opportunities to the region.
Under Lisa’s leadership Startup Buenos Aires has been credited as “Top 3 Growing Startup Cities” by CNBC and “5 Emerging Global Tech Hubs” by Entrepreneur Magazine.

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