How to Build a Small but Passionate Team

Hiring looks rather different for small businesses than it does for large corporations. When hiring a small team of staff, you want to ensure every member is passionate about the company and naturally helps create a friendly atmosphere. Nonetheless, don’t worry – it’s not as hard as it seems. Here’s how to build a small but passionate team. 

Look for Loyalty 

When initially doing the hiring process, the main thing you should look for in candidates to interview is loyalty. This can be seen on resumes quite easily – watch out for people who leave companies very quickly, as they might not be the most loyal employees. Use Zoom Recruitment to find these kinds of loyal employees.  

If someone has spent a good number of years doing a degree or working for a single company, though, it shows they have the commitment to stick with a brand for a long time. Then, when they enter the interviewing stage, you can see if they are the right type of employee for your business. 

Develop Brand Values 

A great way to give your team of staff something to be passionate about is by developing brand values. These should reflect who your brand is as a whole. For example, if you only purchase supplies from green companies, you can create a brand value that’s all about being as eco-friendly as possible. When staff has something to believe in, they are more likely to be passionate and care for the company they work for. 

Allow Flexibility 

Many jobs don’t allow flexibility to staff – don’t be one of them. By offering a more flexible routine to your employees, and possibly even hybrid working, you show them that you genuinely care about their time. Remember, people have families and other responsibilities to take care of. By allowing them that time, they are more likely to commit during work hours. 

Create a Positive Work Space 

To show that you care about your employees and lift their spirits as soon as they step through the door, be sure to create a positive workspace. That could mean: 

. Letting in Natural Light 

Natural light boosts the mood, so try to let as much in as possible, and use comfortable artificial lighting (avoid fluorescent!) in the areas with no windows. 

. Providing Good Furniture 

Your staff needs to be comfortable while working, so provide them with comfortable office chairs, desks, tables, and sofas. 

. Buying Plants 

Bringing a little bit of greenery into the workplace is never a bad idea, as it’ll help lift the mood as well as inspire creative thinking – especially if you get a bonsai tree! 

Provide and Ask for Feedback 

To truly feel like a team on the same track, you should both give and ask for feedback. Your employees need to know when they are doing a good job and where they could improve, and likewise, your employees should feel like they can give you constructive feedback about the business when asked for it. By working together like this, you’ll become a stronger team overall.


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