Should You Buy a Business or Start from Scratch?

If you like the idea of being a business owner, you have two main options to achieve this goal. You could start a business from scratch or you could buy a business or franchise. Both are appealing options that can allow you to do different things and have various opportunities. But each one may allow you to do some things that the other doesn’t and might limit you in some ways too. Buying a business can allow you to hit the ground running while starting a new business means you can have complete control over what you do.


Both starting a business from scratch and buying a business have their pros and cons. To decide which one is right for you, you need to consider what each could offer you.

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Why Buy a Business?


Buying a business can be a quicker way of getting started as a business owner. You will immediately have a business or part of a business, with no need to come up with an idea, test your concept, or anything else. If you buy a business, you could purchase an established, independent company. Alternatively, you could explore franchise options, which allow you to invest in an existing brand but still be a business owner. Being a franchise owner often means that you can access plenty of support to grow your business.


Of course, if you decide to buy a business, you need to decide which business is right for you. You need to put a lot of research into finding the right business and deciding whether it’s a good purchase. You can look at the most profitable options but you also need to think about things like brand values, employees, and just how futureproof the business is. But buying a business can give you a great range of options, and it means you don’t have to come up with your own business idea.


The Disadvantages of Buying


Buying a business can allow you to quickly get going with an established business. However, it also has its disadvantages. Choosing from existing businesses may not be for everyone, especially if you want to have more creative control. It can be easier to start from scratch than to mold an existing business into what you want it to be. If you buy a franchise, you will most likely have certain rules and guidelines that you’re expected to follow in order to maintain the existing brand.


When buying an existing business, you’ll have to manage a transitional period when ownership is handed over. This can be tricky, as you try to find your place and convince everyone that you can be a good business owner.


Buying a business can also be very expensive. Some franchise options are fairly affordable, but you can end up spending a lot of money on purchasing a business. Unless you have a lot of capital up-front, that makes it difficult to invest in an existing business.


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Why Start a Business from Scratch?


Starting a business from scratch offers an alternative if buying a business doesn’t appeal to you. When you start a new business, you immediately have complete control over what you’re doing. You can decide what your business is, what it stands for and who it’s for. If you’re looking for independence and control, or maybe you just think you have a really good idea for a new business, you should consider starting a new business from the beginning.


A new business can cost you to set up, but you can also be more in control of how much it costs. You could come up with a business idea that doesn’t require much startup capital. You can also decide how quickly you want to grow your business, so you’ll have more control over the finances. You can decide where your money should go and you won’t be required to buy anything, like you might be if you were to choose a franchise.


The Challenges of Starting a New Business


Starting a business from scratch also has its challenges. It’s a lot of work to start a business from the very beginning, so you need to be prepared for what it takes. Firstly, you need a good business idea that actually has a place in your target industry. Can you do something different to everyone else? Even just nailing down your business idea can be hard.


Both buying a business and starting a new business could be a good choice for you. It’s important to consider the pros and cons of each before deciding which is the right option.



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