Why Educating Your Staff Needs To Take Priority in the Modern Business World

Between the global health crisis and increasing turnover rates for every company in the world, executives are starting to see the value of holding on to your employees and nurturing talent within the company. After all, great employees don’t grow on trees and they certainly don’t just appear once they graduate. Developing productive staff means educating them on the job and providing them with an environment where they can freely learn and improve themselves as they work for you.

But why is educating your staff a priority now? Shouldn’t staff learn skills only when necessary? Why has it suddenly become a persistent goal? Here are some of the biggest reasons why educating your staff isn’t just a one-off responsibility and why it needs to be consistent.

It builds loyalty. Your staff will be more inclined to stay with you if it’s clear that you’re willing to help them learn new skills and facilitate switching roles or promotions.

It nurtures talent. Inspiring your staff and giving them the freedom to learn new skills and help grow their skills and unlock the potential in each team member.

It’s more accessible than ever now. Staff can learn on the job with online learning resources and this can be extremely affordable even for a small business.

But if a company is going to focus on educating its staff, it’s important to understand the monetary investment and the value it provides. Below, we’ve added an infographic that will help explain how to measure the impact of workplace learning and how you can calculate the all-important return on investment metric.

Infographic Source: Ezra Coaching


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