Standing Out In The Crowd: Steps To Set Your Business Apart

Competition is an integral part of business. Every company, no matter how big or small or old or new, faces competition from rivals. It can be challenging to stand out in the crowd, but it’s essential to be able to turn heads. In this informative guide, we’ll set out some steps to help you set your business apart. 



It’s easy to start thinking about company logos, names and straplines when talking about branding, but building a brand is so much more than creating a logo and choosing packaging designs and fonts for a website. Branding enables you to give your brand an identity and distinguish it from every other company out there. Your branding strategy should tell prospective customers about your background and your company ethos, culture and values, as well as providing information about the products and services you sell. 

Today, branding is more important and influential than ever before. Studies show that over 70% of consumers want to buy from brands that align with their values. People want to know more about the businesses they buy from or work with, and they want to connect and engage with them. 

When working on branding for your business, take advantage of opportunities to show the human side of the venture and build relationships. If people are interested in your backstory, they share your values and they feel like they know you, they will be more likely to buy from you than another business that simply promotes its products and services. Use social media to encourage followers to get to know your brand and give people more information. 

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Technology offers multiple benefits for modern businesses. We often focus on the potential for new technology to streamline operations, cut costs and boost efficiency, but crucially, investing in technology can also help companies to gain a competitive advantage. From innovative software and manufacturing and construction machinery to technology used to design products and drones that capture incredible images, there is scope for every company to benefit. Consider the impact of making investments such as a DJI FPV drone for a photographer, videographer, film producer or events company. Using the latest technology enables businesses or freelancers to offer superior or distinctive services that may not be available from competitors. 

Keeping up with technological advances can also enhance customer experience, which can help businesses to retain loyal clients and attract new customers. Moving with the times also ensures that businesses don’t fall behind. 

When analyzing potential new investments, it’s important to take the time to research, get quotes and costs and figure out the benefits of taking the plunge. Focus on technology that will help you to push the business forward, provide a better service for your employees, improve efficiency and productivity and set your brand apart from others. 

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Customer service

Did you know that over 90% of people now read an online review before they contact a business or make a purchase? Reviews play an integral role in the decision-making process and they can make or break brands. Customer service is one of the most important factors consumers and customers consider when providing feedback. If the service is poor, the review may be negative even if the product is great. From online and physical stores to hotels and restaurants, customers may leave a 2 or 3-star review if they feel that the service was substandard, even if the food or the room was excellent or they loved the product they purchased. 

You can boost review scores and ratings and enhance your brand image and reputation by concentrating on customer service. Go the extra mile to make your clients feel valued and appreciated, deliver on promises, build relationships and use feedback to highlight weaknesses and make improvements. Always ensure that your customers or prospective clients have access to support options, such as phone lines, email or live chat. Check social media messages and posts frequently and respond promptly. If you have a website, it’s a great idea to add an FAQ section to increase lead conversion rates and lower the risk of cart abandonment. 

One of the best ways to improve customer service is to read reviews and listen to your customers. Use negative and positive feedback to address issues and build on good points and invite customers to share ideas and suggestions. If you run a business that provides assistance over the telephone, or you interact with clients face-to-face regularly, it’s beneficial to explore staff training opportunities. Customer service training can help you turn average reviews into glowing reviews and boost client retention rates. 

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Attention to detail

Attention to detail can help you separate your brand from others. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes for a second. Would you choose a business that did the bare minimum, or would you buy from a company that went above and beyond to provide an excellent service? The smallest things, like a personalized thank you note with an order, a loyalty reward, a birthday treat or a beautifully packaged product with a free sample, can make all the difference. Think about the brands you choose as a consumer and why you select them over others. 

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Adding value

Low prices can attract customers, but research suggests that most buyers are more interested in getting good value for money. If you have two options, you may not always go for the cheapest if it doesn’t represent the best value. You might choose to pay slightly more for a product, for example, if one retailer is offering free delivery, next-day delivery, a freebie with every purchase or the option to gift-wrap or personalize the item. You may also decide to pay more for a higher quality item. 

As a business owner, it’s beneficial to try to add value for your customers. There are lots of ways to do this, including adding extras and offering perks, using better quality materials and offering rewards. If you have an online gift store, for example, you can enhance the service you provide and improve value for money by providing delivery options, wrapping presents for the client, offering options to add extras, such as a balloon, personalized card or a box of chocolates, or including a free greeting card with every bunch of flowers, candle or piece of jewelry. If you own a hotel, you could offer a room rate with a discount at the restaurant or the spa if the client books dinner. Use feedback and customer reviews to get ideas and suggestions.

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Rewarding loyalty

Chasing after new customers is one of the biggest mistakes businesses make. It’s important to expand your client base and bring in new customers, but this should not come at the price of losing loyal clients. Research shows that repeat customers are likely to spend more than new clients and there is also a good chance that they will recommend your brand to other people. Look after your customers and reward loyalty. There are several options you can explore, including rewards schemes and loyalty points, discounts and exclusive offers, access to flash sales and previews and savings on premium products or services. Clients want to feel valued. If they feel like they are being overlooked, they could go elsewhere and they may also leave negative reviews. 

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It can be challenging for businesses to stand out in the crowd. Competition is fierce and it’s not easy to attract attention and keep hold of customers. If you are launching a start-up, or you are looking to expand an established business or improve your customer ratings, take these steps to set your business apart. Use effective branding strategies to establish relationships and show off the human side of the business, prioritize customer care and service, pay attention to detail, invest in technology and innovation, add value for clients and reward loyalty. 




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