How to Improve Your Start Up’s Online Viability Via Email

When you start a new business, the odds are against you. Although the percentage of businesses that fail within their first year is lower than usually perceived (roughly 80% of businesses survive), around half of all businesses become ‘out of business’ after five years. The reasons for this are a lack of funding or profits, global or regional economic crises, or not enhancing a company’s marketing, advertising or growth capabilities.

There are, however, many ways to improve your business’s online viability – for starters, transitioning into digital marketing and streamlining the age-old marketing tactic of email marketing. Here’s how to improve your start up’s online viability through email marketing.

Collate Relevant Data

Your data is essential to finding and targeting the right potential customers. You cannot ‘spam’ anyone and everyone; instead, you need to collect data on your customers’ interests, purchase history, hobbies and date of birth, etc. Ensure the emails you send out leverage this data. 69% of online shopping carts are abandoned, therefore, send shoppers emails reminding them of their forgotten purchases, or suggest similar purchases based on their past online activity.

Segment Your Findings

74% of consumers become frustrated when they receive an irrelevant email, and so you want to ensure all emails are catered to specific people and groups. Segment your data into gender, age, location, purchase history and online browsing history, so you can send different emails to specific types of people. You want to keep your customers interested in your products/services, but a one size fits all email makes them seem as if they are just one of many in the inbox.

Become Mobile

On the average day, 53% of people open their emails on their phone rather than a laptop – this increases to 75% in the holiday seasons. Therefore, like your website should be, your emails need to be mobile-friendly. Make sure to use a template which is able to open and navigate smoothly, while looking great too.










































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