Jacob Gottlieb’s Decisions on Visium


Jacob Gottlieb is the pioneer of the asset management firm. The company had experienced a positive growth rate until allegations were made against its trading practices. Some of the critics argued that some of the managers engaged in insider trading. This is a serious allegation and has been one of the main reasons for the shutdown of many firms around the globe. Organizations are expected to adhere to set ethical standards in their operations. The value of a company’s stocks is highly influenced by its activities. Any changes or decisions affecting the firm affect the value of the stocks. Therefore, the management and other senior officials of a company have the upper hand when it comes to the stock trading as they have access to confidential information that is not revealed to the members of the public. Insider trading is an illegal practice and is prosecutable in a court of law.


Jacob Gottlieb has now focused his attention on stocks of the leading healthcare firms. To achieve that, he intends to raise funds from the members of the public. It’s been two years now since the liquidation of Visium’s assets. He is a successful businessman and hence many people expect him to establish a new hedge fund soon. Some of the personnel at the asset management company were charged for allegedly engaging in trading malpractices such as insider trading, mismarking, and the false presentation of the assets’ value. After thorough investigations, Mr. Jacob Gottlieb was cleared as there was no evidence linking him to the malpractices. The 46-year-old investor is passionate about investing and he has succeeded in it.


During one interview, Mr. Gottlieb disclosed that he started investing during his tender age and has acquired a lot of experience over the years. According to him, he would continue investing for the rest of his life. He has acquired a lot of wealth from his work and believes that financial management is an essential skill for all the business people. He hired about six professionals to manage his properties at Altium Capital. Just like his former business, Altium Capital focuses on the healthcare sector. Due to his knowledge and vast experience in the health industry, he regularly makes bets on some of the market players. Mark Gottlieb works as the Chief Operating Officer of Altium Capital. His brother tasked him with overseeing its success and growth in the long run. The investor did not lose hope after the liquidation of his former company, Visium.


The Visium founder pointed out that time had come for him to establish a hedge fund specializing in health care. The number of public companies has increased consistently over the past five years. The success of Visium can be attributed to his exemplary leadership. He developed various strategies that earned the firm a competitive advantage among the other players in the market. According to him, he would use the same strategies for the new company. He purposed to conduct thoughtful and methodical research that would make a positive impact in the health sector.


Mr. Gottlieb came up with the idea of establishing Visium in 2005 and the firm grew to a level where the assets were valued at about $8 billion. He has been featured on international platforms such as the Wall Street Journal. The insider trading allegations led to the arrest and prosecution of some of the officials at Visium.


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