Launching Your Startup: A Guide


A business’ launch is a celebration of finally having everything set up and in order, but done right it can be so much more than that. You can use your launch event to bring in a lot of publicity, networking, and attention to your company before you even have a chance to open your doors the next day. A good party with the right people can be invaluable for your success. These launch parties are useful whether you are a startup, or launching a new product line, but regardless of what you are celebrating you will want to follow this guide to get it right.


How to Get Publicity


Getting publicity for your launch event will be a lot easier than getting publicity for your new company if you use the following strategies.


·      Social Media


Your own social media profiles should be promoting your launch event. Offer exclusive discounts for products that will be on sale for party-goers. Advertise the party planning. Hype up the event and convince your followers they want to go.


·      Influencers


Influencers in your area and niche are great guests to have, but you cannot cold-call them and expect them to show up. Instead, start building a relationship with them well in advance. Send them a product sample to try out, bring them in to model for your launch campaign, and so on. You want them to love you and advertise your party to their followers and to invite their friends.


·      Through Niche Media


Contact niche media (in your industry and local area) to see if they would be interested in advertising your launch event. As it pertains directly to their area of interest, you should be able to reach a greater audience. As a bonus, this step will also help boost your SE ranking.


How to Throw a Great Bash


To actually throw a great party you need to:


·      Know What Effect You Want to Give


The vibe your party gives has to be in keeping with your aesthetic and vibe. Keep in mind who your guests and customers are and throw them an event they will love.


·      Offer Free Food and Drinks


Free alcohol or a discounted bar are absolute musts for any launch event, though you do need to plan ahead. You cannot just serve alcohol to the general public. You need to have the right license, hire corporate bartenders who are licensed and insured, and then choose and pay for the alcohol you want to serve in advance.


·      Hire Live Entertainment


A band or even just a DJ will go far in bringing up the party mood and make your event particularly worth going to. If you’re going for a classier night, hire speakers or influencers to give a short talk about something in your industry. Launch events don’t always have to be dancing-dos, but they do need to offer something of interest to get people to come into your doors.


How to Make Your Party Go Further


Finally, you will want to make your launch event or party go further. To do this try to decorate it in ways that demand people share your store and brand online. Offer launch discounts for your products or services. Give out a goodie bag to encourage people to take and post photos with your brand later on. At the very least, try to get everyone’s contact details for further marketing opportunities.



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