Creating A Winning Link Building Strategy For Your Business Website

A comprehensive SEO strategy is vital if you want to drive traffic to your website and link building is an important part of that. Building strong backlinks to your site shows Google that you are a trusted business and you have a lot of useful content on your site, so you show up higher in the rankings. 


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However, link building is a tricky business and if you get it wrong, there is a strong chance that your site will be penalized and you will drop down the rankings. There are sites that offer to sell backlinks, but these are best avoided. While this strategy might have worked in the past, Google’s algorithms can easily recognize these paid links and sites that use them will be heavily penalized for it. The only way to boost your rankings is to build organic links, which is more time consuming and often difficult to manage. However, it is possible, as long as you know what you are doing. If you don’t know where to start with link building, this guide will help you develop a strategy. 

Track Your SEO Metrics 

Before you start link building, you need to get a good idea of how many links you currently have and what the quality of those links is. It’s important that you conduct a full SEO metrics review using SEO reporting software so you can see how strong your current link strategy is and how much it contributes to your ratings. This will also help you to clean up your links and get rid of any that lead to dead pages. Once you have conducted your review of the metrics, you can start developing a strategy to build more links. It’s important that you keep a close eye on the metrics throughout the process so you can see how effective your new strategy is, allowing you to make changes if it isn’t working. 

Improve The Quality Of Your Content 

There are some handy tips and tricks that you can use to get more links but the best way to build links is with quality content. If you want somebody to link your content on their website, you need to give them a reason to do so. It needs to be informative and entertaining and offer something that people cannot find elsewhere. So, developing a better content strategy should always be the starting point when trying to build more links. 


Checking the comments section on blog posts is a great way to get ideas for posts. If there are common questions that people want answers to, you can get a lot of traffic if you provide those answers. Once you start writing useful content, you will find that you get a lot more links. People need to be able to find your content in the first place if they are going to link to it, so make sure that you do enough keyword research and focus on boosting traffic to content pages first because this has a positive impact on the number of backlinks you get. 

Write About Recent News 

Coming up with evergreen content ideas that get long term traffic is a great way to generate a steady stream of backlinks. However, you should also try to post recent news because it’s a brilliant way to generate backlinks. In most cases, the first source of information becomes the main source, and anybody else writing about that subject will link back to the same original source. If that’s your site, that’s brilliant news. If you keep your finger on the pulse and report on recent news in your industry, you can build a lot of organic backlinks. Just make sure that you are writing about issues that are relevant to your audience and not posting about unrelated things just to get backlinks. 

Leverage Guest Posts 

Guest posting is one of the most effective ways to build natural links to your site and it helps to expand your reach at the same time. If you contact another site that is similar to your own but has a different target audience, you can both benefit from writing a guest post for them. Traffic from their site will be redirected to yours, and traffic from your site will visit them. Plus, you get a good quality backlink out of it at the same time. This is such a great strategy because it often helps to expose your business to people that your other marketing campaigns are not necessarily reaching. As long as you build good relationships with other marketers and host their guest posts in return, you can both improve your backlink strategy. 

Create Infographics 

Infographics are the perfect way to present information in a format that is easy to digest. They’re perfect for displaying statistics and explaining complex topics, which is why people love them and content creators are always looking for opportunities to use them. A good infographic will get a lot of backlinks and it will be shared all over the internet, which is why you should start creating some of your own. You know your industry inside out, so why not share that knowledge in the form of an infographic? They’re great for using on your own site and, hopefully, you will get a lot of backlinks. 


The other big benefit of creating infographics is that they demonstrate your knowledge and expertise. When potential customers view your site for the first time, you need to build trust and show them that you are a leader in your industry. Providing information through infographics is a brilliant way to do that. If you have a graphic designer on your team, have them create the infographics for you. Otherwise, you can easily find designers on freelancing websites. It is an investment, but infographics get a lot more backlinks than a standard blog post, so it’s definitely worth it. 


Building organic backlinks takes time, so you have to be patient. But if you use these simple methods, you can build a strategy that works. 


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