3 Simple Steps to Taking Your Business Online

Many individuals and organizations realized during the covid 19 pandemic that everything isn’t as set in stone as they thought. Businesses that were thriving suddenly closed down, and economies all across the globe started struggling. With the trends consumers followed after the start of the restrictions set forth by the Government, many industries saw a sudden consumer shift to eCommerce platforms. Various companies acknowledged this and started working on an eCommerce platform right away. Although in many industries, excellent means of marketing exist. In some instances, salespersons still outweigh an online platform, but consumers are slowly but surely making a move, and so should your business. 

According to statistics, Google receives more than 4 billion searches per day, which means that 4 billion problems arise for individuals each day, and you know the famous words, Google it. Of that 4 billion searches, the top 9% of websites on Google receive the most website traffic; think about it, no one ever goes to the second page. Let’s look at three simple steps to get your business online. 

Image by 3D Animation Production Company from Pixabay 

#1 Develop A Website 

A few years ago, developing a website and paying a developer was too expensive for smaller institutions. Luckily thanks to software like WordPress, you can now code and build your website without any software development experience. WordPress is a drag and drop software that takes care of the coding for you. On WordPress, you can also choose between a wide variety of plugins that may help optimize your website and business goals. 


#2 Accounting and Stock Control Systems 

Depending on your industry, having an automated accounting software for your online platform is always a great help. To track where all positive leads come from, your online sales and physical sales should be kept apart. If your products or services are available before 100% of the price has been paid, ensure you keep track of outstanding accounts as well. When you struggle with collecting your overdue bills, consider using a specialist debt collection agency to assist with this. You need to ensure you know where your money is and what you spend it on at all times. 


#3 Paid and Organic Marketing

One of the most significant influencers online is ranking your website and marketing your business correctly. Two types of online marketing are generally used, and they’re known as organic and paid advertising. Organic marketing uses search engine optimization to increase the quality and quantity of website traffic by using the organic search results on Google. Paid advertising can be done in many forms, one of which is known as Google Ads. With Google ads, you bid against competitors for the top ad placements on Google for specific search phrases. 

These two types of marketing alone will already boost your website traffic somewhat; irrespective of which one you use, you should be able to see some results. However, paid ads tend to convert quicker but are much more costly compared to organic marketing now; it’s all about delivering on your promise and keeping your customers happy.



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