How to Start Your Very Own Jewelry Company

If you happen to be looking for an exciting new avenue in which to affix your entrepreneurial gaze, the world of jewelry and precious metals might be more accessible than ever before. 

Online trading platforms are partly to thank for this, as is the ease of access when it comes to outsourcing expert help or hiring advanced equipment.

One of the best parts about exploring the vast number of business possibilities in jewelry, is that anyone can do it, provided they put the time and effort into a little research. 

Here are some pointers if you feel like taking your passion for jewelry in a lucrative new direction. 

Outsource or DIY?

Whether you outsource your products, make them yourself from scratch, or combine a mix of the two, it is important to think about how you will arrive at the finished product. 

This will inform practically every element of your business, from the costs to the branding and of course, the product itself. 

For example, if you intend to work with gold, you will likely need specialist knowledge and machinery to create a beautiful and original piece. You might want to check out for some expert services and machines in order to get the ball rolling. 

Adopting a combination of outsourcing and DIY is an incredibly common and cost-effective way of doing business, particularly in the early days.

Is There a Market for Your Work?

Jewelry is timeless, as ancient as human history, beautiful and enduring, while simultaneously being an exceptionally difficult industry to flourish in. 

This is partly the fault of saturation, highly recognized and revered brands, the cost of sourcing materials and the value of production itself. 

There are ways around this however, and they all start with market research. Before you decide to take your company live, it is probably best to know that there is an audience out there who would love to buy your products. 


Building a prototype product is a great way to start out, as it essentially gives you a tangible idea of the finished piece. This can be particularly important in an area such as jewelry, as in order to sell it convincingly, it is vital to know how it feels and looks in real life, not just on the page. 

If you are happy with the result, you could always start off small and put your jewelry up for sale on Etsy or Zibbet, or whichever platform you feel would most likely apply to your target audience. 

Start Developing Your Brand

In order to truly stand out from the rest, you will need to develop a unique and cohesive brand that resonates with your audience. 

In many ways, brand marketing is about telling a story. What will you want your story to be? Is your jewelry the height of luxury for the most sophisticated and debonair consumer imaginable? Or is it the unwavering cornerstone of sustainability and rustic, hand-made beauty? 

However you decide to market your new product, doing so with your audience in mind is a must.  


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