How to Turn Your Love for Music into a Business

The haunting beauty of music seizes the hearts of audiophiles everywhere, providing them with a universal language in which to share their passions with others. 

For the entrepreneurial minds among you, the music industry might be the perfect place to take your passion to new heights, while also making a good bit of money. 

The industry is vast, and there are many ways to break into it—all you have to do is start looking in the right places. 

With that in mind, here are some ideas for those of you wishing to explore the possibilities of music in a business capacity. 

Get the Right Gear

If you want to make your own music, access to extremely high-quality equipment at reasonable prices has never been better.  

For example, some of the best DJ software available right now comes with a wealth of features and functions, from seamless tool integration to setlist management—all on one centralized platform. 

Nowadays, a laptop, a DAW, and a MIDI controller can help you get well on your way to making your own tracks from wherever in the world you happen to be. 

The possibilities do not just stop at music creation, as there are countless other opportunities for music lovers with a range of various skill sets. 

Build a Presence

Creating hype and building a presence has been part of the music industry for what feels like forever, but due to the many great sharing platforms out there right now, the way in which promotion is done has significantly changed. 

Spotify, Bandcamp, and Soundcloud are now rife with independent, unsigned artists looking to get their music out there in the hope of being noticed, and perhaps you could be the person to impress. 

Establishing yourself as a business requires building your own presence, reaching out to artists on these platforms, and getting involved with the community. 

Musicians have had an incredibly hard time over the last few years, particularly those who usually tour constantly in order to sustain themselves financially. 

Perhaps coming up with your own platform on which to host digital gigs could be a good business venture for anyone wishing to support musicians while making some money for themselves.

Make Connections

Making connections is vital in the world of music, and perhaps one of the more fun ways to do this is to go to gigs (when you feel comfortable doing so) to meet like-minded fans and swap stories. 

Reaching out directly to musicians can also be a good way to get yourself some advice from the very icons you look up to, and it might be easier than you initially imagine to get their attention.   

Making connections can also be done by working in an entry-level position at a recording studio for a while. Even if it’s working at the front desk, placing yourself in the relevant environment can be a good place to start.


Creating your own website, songs, and brand is entirely doable on a tight budget nowadays, so there is nothing to stop you doing it yourself and carving your own path. It truly is possible, particularly when you look at some of the viewing figures that lo-fi bedroom pop musicians manage to get on YouTube. 

Whichever path you decide to take, perseverance and a keen ear for a chord progression or a killer beat will get you far in the music business. 


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