Finding Your Niche In The Personal Training World


Regardless of what type of business you start, you want to ensure that you’re able to penetrate the market effectively. Often, this means targeting markets that aren’t being served by what you’re offering at the moment, and that’s often done with the right niche. This applies to the fitness world just as much as any other and here we’re going to look at some of the niches that might help you compete against the others in your area more effectively.

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Training for those with limited mobility

Whether it’s creating exercise routines for older clients, for the disabled, or those who might otherwise have trouble doing other kinds of training, you can do a lot of good by working with those who have limited mobility. It’s a target market that other trainers might not be able to work with as easily. What’s more, you can partner with local GPs, occupational therapists, and other wellness experts, who may refer your services to those that they work with as part of their treatment.


Get intense with it

There is a growing market for fitness trainers that specialize in high-intensity workouts that are designed to maximize results. This can include standard HIIT training or things like tactical fitness, which take that approach, but with a military-theming to it. This can be a good theme if, for instance, you have a military background and want to incorporate it into your training sessions or want to train with veterans in particular, and you can go to the site to see what it takes to get your certification. Tying your history and your brand to the type of training you offer can be a great strategy.


Training aimed at moms

The role of the mom has seen a lot of changes over the past few decades, with more of them expecting to go back to work or stay in work while raising young kids. This also puts pressure on them to remain more fit, active, as well as visibly healthy. To that end, training designed for new moms, often framed as “losing the mom bod” is getting increasingly popular. This niche is best served if you, yourself, are a mother who can bring the experience of going through that journey themselves.


Career-minded training

We’ve looked at niches that focus on different aspects of your clients’ needs. Training based on restrictions, training based on aims, as well as training based on lifestyles. This is the latter type, as you’re looking to offer convenient, direct training for those who might have limited time. However, this is also a niche in terms of how you deliver your training, as online courses and workouts allow you to work remotely with clients. This is well suited to those with busy work lives, but also works well for anyone who might find it hard to make the trip.

A niche is not the only thing it takes to succeed in business, of course. But finding your own part of the market to grow and thrive in can help greatly.



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