What is Startup Buenos Aires (SUBA)?

Easily put, Startup Buenos Aires is the startup community of Buenos Aires, Argentina. SUBA’s objective is to inspire, connect and support startups and entrepreneurship, while bridging the gap between continents and creating new opportunities for members. SUBA was founded to serve as the homebase, resource center, educator and adviser for startup growth and innovation. SUBA’s mission is to connect members locally and globally, while providing resources to grow a strong and sustainable startup ecosystem in Buenos Aires. SUBA works with the community to curate events, educational series and professional connections to strengthen the entrepreneurial community, while bridging the gap between continents. Here at Startup Buenos Aires, we execute our mission through a multifaceted platform, focusing on 3 pillars of development: Community, Education and Resources.

How much does it cost to become a member?

It’s FREE! Startup Buenos Aires is a free community, a place for members to learn, grow, exchange ideas and connect with one another. We are providing the tools and resources to create the best entrepreneurs in Buenos Aires, while throwing some really cool events too. We understand that startups and entrepreneurs are at different stages of development, so providing membership and access for free is something we strongly believe in and will continue to do.

Wait, so this is a FREE community offering classes, events and resources. How do you operate without charging members?

We get that question a lot. The most important thing to us is creating a strong and sustainable startup ecosystem in Buenos Aires, where members can learn, grow and innovate together. We rely on the kindness of sponsorships (local and global) to keep us alive and well. If you’re interested in sponsoring us and being a part of this kick ass initiative, please feel free to fill out this sponsorship form here. Also, we act as a talent outsourcing hub, so we’re able to monetize by creating new and exciting partnerships and opportunities for our members.

How can I get involved?

Great question! We’re always happy to include new talented members to our network. Sign up here  to become a member of our community. Also, feel free to follow us on social media: Facebook, twitter & LinkedIn Interested in something a little more specific? Host an event, outsource or become a part of our talent database.

What is the long term vision for SUBA?

To take over the world! Okay, not really–but in some ways, yes. We want the whole world to know about Argentina’s valuable startup ecosystem and about the fantastic and talented entrepreneurs and tech bamfs. SUBA is standing behind them every step of the way. We’re facilitating relationships and connections beyond country borders, by utilizing the advancements of globalization, technology and international startup communities.

What if I’m not physically in Buenos Aires, but I want to contribute?

It’s 2014. We realize that busy entrepreneurs can not be in two places at once. However, we don’t let that stand in our way. Our platform includes offline as well as online events- including Google hangouts, video streaming presentations, and e-classes, allowing us to reach our global audience during educational seminars. Also, this a community organization created by the community, so if you would like to get involved in any capacity, please shoot us over an email, we’re open to creative suggestions: suba@startupbuenosaires.com

How do I stay up to date with all of the activities, meetings and festivities?

Click here to join our mailing list, we send out a weekly newsletter highlighting all of the startup events going on around Buenos Aires. Also, feel free to connect with us via our twitter and facebook for updates. Check out our community calendar of events on the site as well.

What if I’m not part of a startup, but I’m looking to find employment with one?

You’ve come to the right place! SUBA partners with various recruitment firms and startups like Jobs.In.Startups whose primary focus is to fill vacant spots with motivated individuals like yourself! We also post job opportunities on the SUBA LinkedIn Group To be considered for future employment opportunities, please join our talent database, so we may pass along awesome future job opps as they come up.

Can SUBA introduce me to investors?

Absolutely! While SUBA is not an investment firm itself, we take pride in our ability to connect the startup world through networking events and pitch nights. We have plenty of investors already in our network excited to meet you. It is not uncommon for investors that to attend SUBA events on a regular basis. Additionally, through our educational series, we can properly prepare you for meetings with investors, accelerators and incubators.

How is SUBA different from "Startup X" in my city?

Different permutations of “Startup ____” exist in many places around the world and their individual functions vary. However, what makes distinguishes Startup Buenos Aires from other networks is its global reach and full access startup hub. The SUBA network spans from Argentina to Silicon Valley, to Europe, to NY and beyond! We are the one-stop-shop for everything startup related in Buenos Aires. We host/sponsor events, provide tools and resources and connect our members with fellow entrepreneurs around the world. Our reach is global, but our focus is local.

I’m interested in contributing to your blog, where can I get more information?

Our awesome blog managers love original content and would be happy to connect with you. If you’re interested in guest blogging please contact info@startupbuenosaires.com with some samples of your work.

I live abroad, but will be coming down to Buenos Aires to temporarily work remotely. Can I still be involved in your community?

Abso-freakin-lutely! We love welcoming International folks to our community and we’d be happy to help set you up and introduce you to our awesome community. Just sign up to become a member and feel free to join as many events as you’d like. Also, if you’re interested in finding co-working space, our trusted partner Areatres is a great place to go for all of your co-working space needs. Think our community would benefit from a class you’re interested in teaching? Or a fireside chat you’d like to lead? We’re cool with that too! Just fill out this inquiry form for further info. Helpful link: http://areatresworkplace.com/en/

I have a question but I don’t see it listed here, how can I find an answer?

Easy. We have a team of dedicated, social media addicted employees, happy to hear from you. Shoot us an email, or reach out to us via our social media sites.



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