Targeting The Right Customers With The Right SEO


Every industry has different kinds of customers. Even though they are the same people, they behave and purchase differently when they are interacting with different industries. Do you shop for medicine in exactly the same way you do food shopping? No, you’re more cautious, you will do much more research about a product and you will get multiple opinions about medicine before buying, etc. This just shows that SEO marketing has to be done in unique ways for every industry. Let’s take a look at a few examples to understand this better.

Fashion SEO

Fashion is perhaps the simplest industry to understand when it comes to SEO. Keywords will always range in the same fields of, size, color, style, price, etc. However, lately, there has been a shift in how marketers are approaching SEO content as making stories is more important than purely simple keywords. Audience engagement is increased with authoritative content. So getting fashion names into your pieces will support your content. For example, if you make jeans, why not mention the latest Nike sneakers that could go well with your product? Maybe you want to talk about sustainable fashion that you sell, does anyone else also do this? Of course, so why not include them in a list of sustainable brands while including yourself?


The stuff that matters

Eye-catching content is hard to create when your audience has probably seen and read almost everything. But, writing content that matters is not impossible. For example, the Cardinal Digital Marketing Agency writes eye-catching content specifically for the healthcare industry. How do they do it? They write about real-world cases, they include news stories, they often quote interviews of doctors and surgeons as well as researchers that have made breakthroughs, etc. This will help to increase patient referrals, develop and continue to engage with digital marketing efforts. Longevity in SEO marketing is key for your business, you don’t want the content to become stale. So always write about stuff that matters.



Trends that could make you a ton of product sales, come and go but they don’t have a timescale that is set in stone. A trend might occur for about a week, in which you could sell out of your entire stock, should you market correctly. Or a trend might last for a month, you just don’t know. So working with an SEO company can help you to understand trends due to their keyword research service. Keywords become popular through organic searches, so making bids to have exclusive trendy keywords is vital to meeting your goals. It’s also why competitor research is so important, as they might be in the midst of a trend they helped to cause. A little bit of their good luck could rub onto you.

Targeting the right customer with your SEO marketing is the key to owning an industry. Understanding how your customers behave and writing content that is eye-catching, trendy and actually matters will boost your business higher than ever before.



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