Should You Start A Business After A Serious Injury?


Setting up a new business is now easier than ever these days. Thousands of people with an entrepreneurial spark inside of them decide to work for themselves each year. They do so because they want better control of their future, plus they spot an obvious gap in the market for their particular products or services.


You are likely reading this article because you are thinking of setting up in business yourself. But, you may also be wondering if it’s a good idea, given that you have recently sustained a serious injury? This blog post aims to help you answer that question.

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Will your injury hinder your work?


One question you should ask yourself is whether the injury that you sustained will hinder your work in your new business venture.


Let’s say, for example, that you are an architect and that one day on your way to work your car got driven into by a truck. As a result, you sustained some serious injuries that still leave you in pain despite physiotherapy and taking painkiller medication. You may find that sitting down and drawing or using a computer is okay, but walking around construction sites can feel challenging to say the least. You will need to determine whether you can work for yourself as an architect, carrying out all the same duties as before, or whether you should consider an alternative career path. After all; there’s no point starting a business if your injuries and the pain will make it almost impossible to be productive.


Are you seeking compensation for your injuries?


Carrying on from the example scenario above, let’s assume that you want to start this new business partly because you want to continue earning an income. Given that you’re now out of work because of your injuries, you want to seek financial compensation for your accident.

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When it comes to seeking compensation, you’ll no doubt have thought about hiring a lawyer. After all; your legal solutions start here, and you can’t represent yourself as you’re not a lawyer! The thing is, the lawyers acting for the trucking company might argue you don’t need much compensation if you’re already getting back to work. With that in mind, it might make sense to put your entrepreneurial dreams on hold until your claim gets finalized.


Will your recovery become affected by your business?


For some people, the road to recovery can be a long and drawn-out process. If you’re reading this and nodding in agreement while thinking of your own recovery, it’s crucial to make sure of one thing. Will your recovery get affected by starting a business? If the answer is yes, you should probably wait until your recovery is at an advanced stage. Otherwise, carry on and set your business up!


Final thoughts


Starting a new business is quite an involved process. You need to seriously consider how your recent injury will affect your ability to work and manage a business on a full-time basis.


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