Innovative Advertising Ideas For Start-Ups


As a start-up, what do you want? To be noticed, and for that to generate sales and general chatter about what an awesome brand you are. Advertising and marketing are important as ever, but how do you become a game changer when it comes to promoting yourself? 

Here are some innovative advertising ideas for start-ups that take you back to basics (with a twist) and beyond. 

Back to basics

Start at the beginning and utilise tools and ideas that aren’t new but need a shakeup. Build an online magazine for your brand and use that to advertise your services, provide interesting features for your consumers and something that can easily be promoted on social media as a shareable tool to give you more outreach. 

If your budget will run to it, you could always produce a few print copies too, to give out to local businesses – think about sharing them in pubs, restaurants and cafes for people to read while they dine. Consumers will always read magazines 

Think outside the box with quirky giveaways and collaborations

Everyone loves freebies, and there’s nothing better than getting something for free. Freebies can help to drive sales and consumers to your business or industry. The quality of free gifts can vary depending on the company, so make yours quirky and a little off the wall. Consider making up a batch of custom magic 8 ball gadgets to share with consumers. You could make up some other gifts like mugs or beer glasses, or even useful gadgets like squeezy stress toys.

Collaborate with other businesses to build on and enhance your reputation. Who would you like to work with? A charity? Another company that’s in a similar but unrelated field? Get together to brainstorm ideas for working together – these could be collaborative blog posts, podcasts, webinars or even live events. 

Some more creative marketing ideas

Who doesn’t love a funny GIF or meme? Especially so if they’re shareable, relatable or even topical – though of course if you’re in business you need to stay within the realms of good taste and legality to make sure you don’t end up in hot water. 

It’s good to be fun and show a cheeky side with creative processes like this and they can really get you noticed and drive a lot of traffic to your site over time. They’re easy to create too, and often free. Ideas like this count for a lot these days, so however small they seem, don’t discount them. 

Don’t discount social media sites such as Pinterest or LinkedIn in your quest to be relevant and fresh. Pinterest is such a great visual medium and here you can share your best visual brand assets such as your logos and infographics – and link them to your website to drive more traffic generation. It’s the same with LinkedIn, too. There are lots of ways to chat, engage and make new connections with those who could help drive business to your site. 



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