5 Ways to Update Your eCommerce Site



Your eCommerce site is the first place your potential customers will be directed to. Once you’ve got your SEO strategy set up, you need to make sure you turn clicks into leads. It’s crucial that your eCommerce website provides a positive user experience. There’s a lot of competition out there so if your visitors get lost or confused, they’ll have no problem changing to another company. Here are five quick ways to update your eCommerce store.


Customer feedback

Customer feedback is important as you’ll want to know their opinion, but sometimes it’s not a good idea to pester them for lengthy reviews. Why not set up customer surveys for example? Whereas reviews are very useful, surveys can be taken anonymously and in the moment. You can take feedback straightaway and improve the overall customer experience.


Logical site design

Your eCommerce store needs to be easy to navigate. Plan your website architecture carefully, link pages logically and make your products easy to find. A logical structure to your website will not only improve the customer experience, but also your SEO. Check out this beginner’s guide to web design and SEO basics.


Fast-loading pages

Today’s online customers aren’t very patient. Heavy web pages can take ages to load. This is often due to excessive coding or images that can be reduced. Consult a web developer to help you neaten up your coding and trim the fat. If your eCommerce site is quicker to load it will help to boost your credibility and improve the user experience.


Calls to action

Calls to action are the buttons users can click on to make contact with you, or buy products. A clear call to action is at the top of the list of good web design techniques. Include a button in a contrasting color where your customers can “start their journey”. Some good examples include time expressions like “offer ends Monday” or engaging vocabulary. This is all part of making sure your customer knows where to get all the information they need. Don’t forget to answer calls to action as quickly as possible. 


Clear information

It’s important to clearly advertise your products. Potential customers will want to find out basic information fast. For questions and queries, more and more eCommerce sites offer an automated chatbox these days. These enable your customers to speak to an advisor, whether automated or not, for information in real-time. 

Give your customers all the information they need with an FAQ page as well as a live chatbox. Consult a web designer for advice on typical questions. This way, they’ll be able to browse the information in their own time and contact you for help if necessary. This will give them plenty of easy options for finding the right information they need.

In five easy steps, you can upgrade your eCommerce site, and start generating those conversions. Your site is the frontline of your business and it needs to provide the best customer experience to ensure better feedback and more sales.



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