Drawing Custom to Your Startup: A Guide

Startup enterprises are exciting to work on. Your entrepreneurial skills are tested each and every day, as you home in on your key unique selling points and how your business model can enhance your profits while serving the customers that you’re targeting with your firm. But, after all the hard work is done in creating your startup and launching your business, you still need to do the graft to draw in customers to your website and to increase sales from your platform. In this article, that’s what you’ll learn: how to boost sales for your startup this year.

Low Prices

When you’re setting out as a startup, the key figure that you should be looking at shouldn’t be the sales volume, it should be how many individual consumers you’re drawing in to trade with your firm. If you’re selling to only a few consumers, you’ll not be increasing your customer base, and you’ll not achieve the critical volume to truly compete in your market. And the best way to draw in new business is to offer low prices. Either put on a sale, offer discounts, or lower your prices temporarily to attract business to your enterprise.

Marketing Online

There are dozens of ways to market your startup online. As you’re only a small firm, you might find it more preferable to run some of these marketing initiatives through an agency, as you’re unlikely to have developed a team of marketers at this early stage in your journey. Leave the emails and the social media management to your internal team, and find external help to build out sophisticated marketing campaigns that work for your firm. Look to pay per click (PPC) adverts to guarantee you a good return on your investment, working alongside a PPC marketing company Made by Factory to generate leads and customers online.

Press Releases

All startups are exciting, and all new businesses are a news story in and of themselves. Whether your ambitions are local, provincial, national, or international, you should look to news outlets journals and magazines to help boost your visibility by reporting on the launch of your business. It’s always possible to find an angle for a press release when you’re launching your firm – whether that’s to boost the local economy, solve a local problem, or do something groundbreaking in a market that’s yet to innovate and change. Make yourself a news story to build visibility with the people that matter. 


The events sector is just beginning to unfurl its wings after a challenging time in the first half of 2020. While it might not be appropriate at the moment to launch your brand with a party and an event, this is something that you should keep up your sleeve to reveal your startup with a bang when it’s safe to do so. This is another way to generate a buzz around your new brand and to get seen on the local business map for the first time.

Use the tips outlined above to help promote your startup enterprise in the first months of the long journey you have ahead. 



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