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If you have a website of any kind, one of your main goals is going to be wanting to drive traffic to it and there are many ways that this can be done that may not initially come to mind. Websites’ Google ranking improves upon many factors, which allows people searching in Google to find your website much higher up in their searches, the first five pages are the most desirable but how does one attain this? There is no magic wand to wave and suddenly your website is hitting 20,000 hits a day but with a few tips and tricks, you can ensure your website is at least getting a little exposure to give it a boost.

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Give It Some Buzz 


Using buzz words in your website is going to help boost your SEO. With an SEO guide, you can gain all the information you need to help your website. You can also go buzz word heavy on your website, although don’t laden it with buzz words as it will seem spammy, but keeping buzzwords on your website will be beneficial. You can also find websites that help you find the right buzz words of the moment that are proving popular and showing you what people are searching for. Keeping on target and knowing your brand will also help greatly.


Get It Designed Well


Design is everything. As humans, we judge things first on face value which means that if a website looks messy or the branding is off or there is not much branding at all, people will not buy into it. It will instil confidence into the buyer and make them trust you. It will prove to be beneficial as time goes on to have some good graphics, a positive brand logo and use them as much as possible across any social media channels you have. One of the eternal principles of digital marketing is to ensure that you have a brand that stands out; any experts with whom you work will want to have these kinds of hooks to make things easier. Put a lot of work into making your online platforms reflect your business This will help people recognise you also, as well as giving you a bit of ‘style’! Your business will soon start to feel incredibly real to you.


Market It Well 


Marketing your website is the key element in traffic growth. Using your social media channels will greatly assist you in this quest. Promoting your traffic on Social Media will also help you monitor how many clicks it has had especially if you’re using Instagram. You can also join groups on Facebook and other like-minded business people. It will give you a sense of community as well as ensuring you are getting your website out to the masses. You can start making the most of Pinterest also. It may be more of a visual outlet but if you use imagery on your website, you can link it up via Pinterest and people can click straight through to your website. It’s nifty and it works! Pinterest has become one of the most effective marketing tools, you must start harnessing this information and making it work to fit you.


So as you continue on with your SEO journey, remember that although it may not be a simple one, it certainly will be a rewarding one.



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