A Simple Guide to the Essentials of Moving Business Premises


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Upgrading your business to new premises is one of the more exciting times in your business’s life. It is a surefire sign that everything is going in the right direction. But moving your premises is one of those logistical challenges that you may very well underestimate. So let’s show you exactly what it takes to plan the move effectively. 


Setting up the Move

If you want to make it a success, you have to plan in advance. It’s advisable that you prepare six months ahead. There are a variety of priorities, but the top ones are keeping the customers happy and involving the employees. At this point, you need to draw up an outline ensuring the timetable is set during the planning and implementation stages. And because there’s a variety of components to consider in terms of cost, it’s better to start early because you will be able to keep more in your pocket. Hiring removal contractors or undertaking the move by trucks are a couple of options. A company like Flex Fleet Rental can help with smaller-scale businesses if you don’t want to spend money on larger moving trucks. Once you have decided on your method of moving, you’ve got to decide the moving date; it’s best to do it when there is a quiet period in the business. For example, just after Christmas would be ideal for many. 


Ensure Your Employees Are Involved

This is essential because they need to be in the know but you need to address any concerns. Consulting your employees in advance will make sure you are aware of any concerns they have, but it’s beneficial to remain transparent throughout this process. If there’s a major relocation, this could cause more problems with employees. For example, if you relocate to a location without an employee’s agreement, this could breach their employment contract, and this is why having a suitable mobility clause within the contract is essential. Of course, there are more people working remotely than ever. But if you believe that the office is pivotal to the employee, you may need to offer a redundancy package. Because an employee is uprooting their lives, this will require additional compensation, for example, for your employees’ new home or their children’s schools. 


Transferring the Services

When you are moving premises, you need to redirect the mail to the new address and re-register any franking equipment. You also need to arrange for utilities to be turned off and notify your business insurers about the move in case there are any additional changes to the policy needed. You also need to get in contact with the telecoms provider and make sure that you can take your old phone numbers with you. While it’s not a massive issue in the modern-day if you are contactable by email or through the website, but for employees to have a direct line to you, it is beneficial to maintain any contact numbers. 


Ensuring the Business Can Operate Throughout the Transition

You’ve got to prepare a continuity plan in anticipation of this, just in case the unexpected happens. It is pivotal to minimize downtime at this point, and ensuring that your IT services are relocated effectively will be vital at this point. A specialist company can help to decommission and recondition your computers and servers. However, you may also need a separate coordinator for the move purely to make sure that the technical components are set up at the other end. It’s also a good idea to test any new equipment before you move and undergo any additional training that may be necessary. 


Dealing With the Move

The moving day itself can be difficult work, and this is why you need to set up what each person is doing and how the move will be managed. When you are undergoing the move, you have to remember that some of the simplest things will be beneficial, for example, having everything labeled correctly. You could use codes to show floor positions, or color-coding to define certain objects and equipment.


Making the Move a Team Effort

If you are trying to keep employee morale up, ensuring the mood as a team effort will make a massive difference to the situation. You can boost morale by giving them some overtime pay or a meal, but you also need to show them your gratitude throughout this time. Let’s not forget, it is because of your employees that the move has become easier to manage and you must not forget this.




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