4 Employee Perks for New Jersey Businesses

As we transition through this unprecedented time in our working history, it’s right that we should be rethinking how remote work is handled. A study in 2019 showed that 42% of people work from home only occasionally, despite a study on LinkedIn that suggests a huge 82% of employees want to work from home regularly.

While not every member of your team will love the idea of being a remote or at-home worker, especially the extroverts among us, many people will relish the chance to spend more time at home with their family or spend time in places they’ve always wanted to be, all while working hard for a company that values their time.

Why You Should Offer Employee Perks

Nearly every company offers some kind of employee benefits or employee perks, be they the bare legal minimum, such as sick-pay, or perhaps high-level benefits, like free food and the bean bags that so many millennials seem to expect in the modern office. Benefits come in all shapes and sizes.

Some interesting employee perks or benefits to consider offering are:


There are many different options when it comes to healthcare as an employee benefit. Some packages cover just the employee, whereas others may go further and include the employee’s family or dependents within the cover.

Having a good level of healthcare means your employees feel valued, wherever they are, and they know they can get access to good care when they need it.

Unlimited Holiday

This is a perk that is getting increasingly popular, especially with younger tech firms, like social media management software, Buffer, who are concerned about employees not taking enough holiday.

Taking it one step further, why not bundle in extra perks such as EWR airport parking, hotel discounts, air miles, or flight discounts. This can really make your company stand out to attract the best talent.

Family Leave

No one wants to think of something terrible happening to their family, and we hope it doesn’t happen to our employees’ families either. Having a set amount of flexible family leave time for employees to take per year can ease the burden if something were to happen. 

With any hope, this could be used for happy events such as weddings, births, christenings, etc., but if needs be, employees should have the freedom to take some time off to deal with events such as a death in the family or a serious illness or medical emergency without the added worry of risking their financial security.

Mental Health Support

It seems like mental health has been a bit of a buzzword in the last few years, and for good reason. We’re seeing more and more employees suffer from issues like burnout and depression caused by work-related stress.

Ease the burden and consider offering support, such as free workplace counseling or workplace coaching. This can help employees talk through any issues they have, make a plan, and get back on their feet both physically and emotionally.



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