Professionalism: A Guide to Making Your Startup Appeal to Customers


When running or beginning a startup, one impression is key: professionalism. To appear professional is to be trustworthy, appealing to new customers, and gives the impression of reliability. Of course, your business is all of these, but if you don’t look like it to outsiders then they won’t use your product or service.


Why professionalism is important


Professionalism is incredibly important for many reasons. The two aspects of professionalism are appearing professional on the outside and being and promoting professionalism on the inside. Whatever your business is – in this case reliable and of high quality – this should be reflected in your marketing and communications. Customers must believe you have a top level of professionalism before they will invest in you.


An important reminder is that, as a startup, you are not naturally trusted by an outsider. Without a famous brand behind you, and without years of experience, consumers will not take your word as gospel. Therefore, you should take steps to promote an appearance of professionalism and have systems in place that prove to prospective customers that they can place their faith in you. Once you have had your first few positive deals, customer testimonials are a fantastic way of doing this. However, before you get those initial breakthrough customers, how do you make an impressive first impression?


First impressions


First impressions are what will secure those all-important first customers. A simple way of doing this is by having outstanding marketing material and online content. At you can find editing solutions that will ensure the videos on your website sell your company to the maximum of its potential. Engaging visual content like this will help you appear original and professional both as you start out and as you develop further.


If appropriate, consider uniform. This is one of the most basic first impressions there is: appearance. Perhaps it would be better if this were not the case, however, the way you look is incredibly important to customers. Having a smart and clean uniform makes you look the real deal and means consumers will instantly trust you more. If your business has premises, such as an office or store, general cleanliness goes hand in hand with smartness of personal appearance. Keep entrances clear and crisp, and clean the whole area regularly.


Ensure you have a code of conduct for any of your staff as their behaviour is the next impression they make following appearance. Keep your standards high and, if you are the business owner or manager, adhere to every rule you set. Set that example and watch as professionalism trickles down through your employees, manifesting itself in trust and custom.




Professionalism is one of the buzzwords of startups but that does not mean it is to be ignored or dismissed. Remain professional and emit professionalism to your customers in order to drive sales. Appearance, behaviour and the quality of your online presence are three ways in which consumers will judge you, so commit to making them of a high standard, using external experts where necessary.



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