6 Startup Business Ideas That Will Make You Money in Todays Market


Are you determined to start your own company in the foreseeable future, but don’t quite know what industry you wish to operate in? If so, be sure to check out the list of amazing startup ideas listed below.


Here are six startup business ideas that will be sure to make you some money in today’s market:


CBD company


Cannabidiol, commonly known as CBD, is currently making massive waves in the world of business. Consumers are using this substance to treat their personal health issues, beauty experts are infusing it into their products, and veterinary professionals are even using it improve modern pet care. There really is a lot of money to be made in CBD — if you act quick enough, you could be the next entrepreneur to take a slice out of this incredibly lucrative pie


Should you decide to start your own cannabidiol company, it’s crucial that you equip yourself with expert CBD extraction tools. You cannot afford to make hemp-related goods if they don’t meet industry standards, simply because it could land you in serious trouble with the law.




If you are interested in selling goods online but don’t have the capacity to store your inventory, dropshipping is the perfect startup idea for you. This ecommerce business model will allow you to promote and sell goods via your own online store, only you won’t be asked to physically handle the products that you sell.


Online tutoring


Want to make a positive difference in the lives of others and make a pretty penny at the same time? If so, you should seriously consider starting your own online tutoring business. So long as you have a degree in the subject that you want to teach and you have access to a video chat tool (Zoom is currently proving particularly popular in this instance), you will be able to embark on this particular entrepreneurial endeavor.


Content writing


Are you a skilled writer? If so, put those skills to good use by starting a content writing business. Whether you lend your services to personal bloggers or businesses, this is an incredibly simple way to make a living.


If you want to take your content writing company to the next level, you should definitely consider offering SEO services.


Phone case business


Over 2.5 billion people across the globe now use a smartphone on a daily basis. You know what problem they all share? The fact that their phones are liable to fall out of their pockets, plummet to the ground, and get smashed to pieces at any time. To protect their precious phones from this unfortunate ending, they protect them with specially designed cases. Why not cater to this demand by starting your own phone case business?




The consumers of today live hectic and busy lifestyles. They don’t have time to cook themselves nutritious meals every evening, so why not perform this all-important task for them? If you start a meals-to-go company, you will have no shortage of clients simply because people need to eat!




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