6 Things Every Business Person Must Keep An Eye On



In order to create and maintain a successful business, you need to be switch on nearly all the time. The business cannot just take a week or two off – especially when the popularity increases, and the demand for quality is high. If you take your eye off the ball for a second, you might end up missing out on something great.


If you’re a fully-establish businessman or woman, then you’re going to be completely aware of the level of concentration needed for this kind of venture. You’ve been working hard at your craft for a while now, so being conscientious isn’t exactly a new or difficult action. There are so many facets to your business, and you’ll need to keep an eye on each of them if you want to progress. If the quality of one drops, then that may cause a domino effect on the rest. Here are a few things you should probably keep an eye on if you want to consistently build on what you have:  




You’re always going to have similar companies vying for the title of number one, so you need to make sure you’re watching them regularly. If you’ve somehow managed to create your own niche and you have zero competition, then you should enjoy it while it lasts because something will crop up out of nowhere. If there’s money to be made out of a certain product, service, or idea, then somebody will jump at the chance.


Look at their behavior and how they’re performing. You obviously should not be plagiarising them in any way, but you can absolutely take little tips and tricks away from them. You’ll be literally racing alongside them, so you’ll need to be smart to get ahead. You also need to watch out for them for legal reasons. You really don’t want to get in trouble for doing something a little underhanded. Likewise, you will need to watch out for any underhanded actions of their part, too.  


Your Finances


This is pretty obvious, right? You’re in this game to make as much money as possible, so you’re going to be looking at the numbers pretty frequently. We’re talking about the money from a legal and safety standpoint, however. You have to pay your share of the tax, so you’ll need to have those calculations sewn up ready for the big day. You’ll also need to frequently create a budget and allocate funds accordingly. Having a constant written-down plan will make things so much easier for you. 


The Customers 


Many business owners care solely about themselves and the money heading into their bank accounts. Customer satisfaction and customer care are massively important, however. You need to take care of those you’re selling to. Obviously, human decency is the main point, but you’ll need to also build a relationship with them that spans years. Think about their safety as well as their contentment. For instance, if you’re looking to get some online poker software and launch a game, then you’ll need to let them know about the dangers of gambling too much. If you show real effort and care, they’ll realize that they mean something to you – and that’s an important, attractive feature. 


The Long Term Situation


It’s easy to get caught up in the here and now – especially if you’re in the midst of some success. Sure, you can enjoy the money and the progression, but you need to keep and calm, collected head, and recognize that there’s a long way to go. You also need to look into the distant future in order to ensure you have that much-needed longevity. Getting stuck in the present could mean you make horrendous, impulsive decisions. 


Social Aspects And Trends 


The world is constantly changing. Right now, you might feel as though you know a lot about the way our society behaves and reacts to certain stimuli. Next year, things you move dramatically. You shouldn’t exactly pander to the masses because you’ll look like a pushover of a business. You should, however, sway a little in order to keep up with the community. 


New trends also make themselves known every couple of weeks. People become fascinated with something new every month, and you need to make sure you’re well and truly in and amongst those. If you can constantly be in the conversion, then you’re name and brand will be seen by all the right people. 


The Well-Being Of Your Staff


This is massive. If you can’t treat those closest to you with respect, then you’re not in the right place. This isn’t just about getting the best out of them so you can prosper yourself. This is, again, regarding basic human decency and building relationships. So many guys and girls at the head of a huge company so very easily neglect their staff. Look after them – they’re valuable. 


Lisa Besserman, Founder and CEO of Startup Buenos Aires, has been named as Business Insider’s “Top 100 Most Influential Women in Tech”, and the 2014 “Business Innovator of Latin America” by the Council of the Americas.
Lisa moved to Buenos Aires from New York City to create Startup Buenos Aires, the organization that represents the startup, tech and entrepreneurial community of Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Startup Buenos Aires has been one of the main catalysts for strengthening the tech ecosystem in Latin America, by bringing global startup initiatives, development projects and investment opportunities to the region.
Under Lisa’s leadership Startup Buenos Aires has been credited as “Top 3 Growing Startup Cities” by CNBC and “5 Emerging Global Tech Hubs” by Entrepreneur Magazine.

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