Four ways to decorate your business premises on a budget


You’ve got the lease signed; you’ve got the keys in your hand. . . now the challenge is to turn an empty building into an attractive home for your business. After many late nights working at the kitchen table, owning your own premises is the dream of many small business and startup owners. However, with the monthly rent taking a large chunk out of your income, it’s necessary to get creative when coming up with thrifty ways to decorate your new premises. Here are four ways you can decorate your business premises on a budget.



  • Furniture


From desks to filing cabinets, bookshelves to display cases, in addition to industry-specific tools and equipment, you probably need to invest in some office furniture for your new premises. Check out for cheap office furniture; alternatively, if you would prefer something less utilitarian and more trendy, Ikea has plenty of budget-friendly furniture options. To make it unique to your business and fit in with your branding, you could paint your furniture to match your color scheme. You could even go one step further and have your logo printed on, perhaps using letter stencils.



  • Letter stencils 


Investing in a pack of letter stencils enables you to create neat, attractive lettering without the need for outsourcing to a professional sign maker. This is particularly useful if, for instance, you own a cafe and want to print your menu, along with pricing, on the walls for customers to quickly consult. You could also use letter stencils for making up a daily chalkboard menu if your calligraphy is not up to scratch! Letter stencils are available in a range of sizes and fonts to suit your needs, and you can buy either separate letters or a full alphabet pack complete with extra letters for ease of application. 



  • Wall decoration


Many people like to add interest to a plain wall by displaying artwork; however, this can be an unnecessary extra expense you can ill afford for your business premises. As an alternative, why not use your wall space as an opportunity to display your own products and services? If you are a hairstylist or tattooist, for instance, attractive photographs of your services can easily be mistaken for artwork. You could also use your walls as another opportunity for branding, painting it in an on-brand color scheme, and printing on your logo.



  • Flooring


Deciding what flooring to use in your business premises is a bigger job than you may think. It should be attractive and complementary to your brand, but at the same time easy to clean and safe. Vinyl is a good budget option for high traffic areas, being easily cleanable and available in attractive designs. It is also available as floor tiles, enabling you to lay it yourself. Or you could strip your flooring back to its original wooden planks or stone slabs, an attractive option for a clothing boutique or trendy café. 



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