Why Providing A Clean And Safe Working Environment Is Important

The workplace that you provide for your employees will impact their productivity, happiness, well-being, health, and their loyalty. This means that it is imperative to ensure you are providing a clean and safe environment for them to work in. Regardless of if you are running a factory or an office in any industry, maintaining a clean workplace is the ultimate key to keeping your employees sade, efficient, and happy. 

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It can be very tempting to leave tasks such as dusting or hoovering as a second priority, or not have dedicated cleaning team, however, if you do this you could be put you and your employees at risk, especially now that we are all dealing deal COVID-19. Make sure you utilise service as you may find through Snupit to ensure the working environment you are providing isn’t untidy, unclean and containing risks of illness or injury. 

Have a look below at some of the reasons why providing a clean and safe working environment is important: 


Your Employees Safety

It has been proved that if employees work in an untidy environment they’re less likely to be able to spot and safety hazards. This results in an increase in accidents in the workplace. Occupational hazards are heightened when the working environment isn’t ideal. 

This can be prevented though, you need to put measures into place to help keep the workplace clean and tidy, as well as in good working order. It’s often down to the manager or supervisors to notice any potential hazards, however, this is more difficult the more the workplace is in a mess or left in a state that they get used to. 

Silly mistakes such as leaving rubbish in front a fire exits, cables across the floor, drawers being left open, or stacking boxes too high are some of the most common mistakes made in a working environment. 

Make sure your employees are proactive and make an effort to keep the workplace clean and tidy. Putin policies into place and proving PPE is essential. 


Your Employees Health 

Ensuring your working environment is clean will help to minimise unwanted germs and bacteria, and now that we are all fighting the COVID-19 outbreak, it’s even more important to make sure a clean working environment is provided. 

Companies can often slip when it comes to the cleanliness of the office, bathroom facilities, and kitchens, but it’s more important than ever to make sure they’re are cleaned on a daily basis. Even more, if there is heavy footfall. 

If you provide a clean working environment your employees will feel safer returning to work throughout the COVID-19 outbreak as well as take less sick days for other reasons. 

Add hand sanitiser in different points around the office or warehouse, and provide them with disinfectant wipes for them to use on their work stations. 

If anyone becomes sick, encourage them to use a sick day instead of risking others in the working environment. 

It’s essential that you make proactive and careful decisions around providing a safe and clean working environment for your staff. Is there anything that you are doing to ensure you provide a clean workplace? Please share some of your methods in the comments below. 



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