How to Start Your Content Marketing Strategy

In stores, you can welcome customers with a happy smile and great service. People respond to people in engaged ways. We look up from our browsing to respond to a hello or a friendly face. We have someone to ask questions to if we have a specific need. The entire experience can be customized and personalized from the first second a customer walks into the store, just by using people skills. 

Online it is an entirely different game. Though chat bots can be a very useful tool, they will never replace the social connection of another human being talking to you face-to-face. How, then can you provide the same level of service and value in the digital world? 


People have very specific needs. They have a pain that they are looking to ease through a product or service. This applies to both consumers and other businesses. Content can help inform them at every step of the buyer’s cycle, so use this guide to help you improve your content, and overall strategy.


Know Your Customers and Their Pain Points 

You need to know why your customers shop with you. What problem does your product or service solve? It is okay if you have to also convince them of a problem that they didn’t know they have. New products need to break the mold, which sometimes means opening your customer’s eyes to a better way of living. 


Know Where Your Customers Are  

You need to know what your customers use, so that you can be active on those channels. Use tracking metrics to see how successful your efforts are, and make constant adjustments to improve your communication and engagement.


Have a List of What They Are Searching For 

Know what your customers are searching for. Content can provide a lot of answers, and you want to be the trusted source of information that they go to. Though you shouldn’t stop there, knowing what content is trending in your industry can give you a great reference point to start with. 


Ensure You Have a Fully Inbound Funnel Content Approach Ready 

Content is not just there to attract users to your site. It is also an essential step to appealing yourself to your customers at every buyer stage. This is known as inbound funnel content marketing, and you can never only focus on the top of the funnel (TOFU), which is to say the awareness stages of the buyer’s journey. You must also create content for when they are at the consideration stage, and the decision stage. Only then can you provide the key levels of service customers are looking for from introduction to sale. You can learn more about how to create a great inbound funnel content marketing strategy on


Work to Reengage Customers and Sign-Ups 

It is very, very rare that you will see a sale the first time you introduce yourself to a customer online. There are so many cheap or scam companies out there that customers have naturally taken a stance of distrust when faced with a new company. It takes time for them to build trust, which is why reengaging visitors is your best method. Go for the soft sale at first and then work them through their buyer journey on your site, where you are the trusted source of information, and you can build up sales and loyalty



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