How to kit out your startup for the challenges of 2020

The timing of the current COVID-19 crisis might have seemed disastrous to all those startup businesses that were ready to launch near the start of this new decade. Without a doubt, this setback will slow economic activity, and will put the brakes on your plans for market domination – yet, in the fog of uncertainty about the future, there is hope for startups this year. In this article, you will read about how your startup can seize the initiative to really make the most of the challenges of 2020.

Stripped Back

When you are working on a startup, you are likely to have a small team as your core workforce. This is great in times of crisis, as you’ll not be forced to pay the wages of dozens of employees who are unable to perform their usual work function for you every week. If you’re able to run a streamlined and lean model for your business throughout this year, you’ll be better able to save cash and take advantage of your dynamic size in the future. So: keep your team small for now and get ready to spring into action when it suits you.


All startups use technology wisely; indeed, their products are more likely than not to be tech products themselves. Nevertheless, you should never assume that you have a monopoly on industry knowledge when it comes to technology – especially that tech that’s produced for businesses in the modern era. You should keep an eye out for:

• Any technology that can automate your business processes

• Communications technology to help remote workers stay in touch

• Technology that centralizes your data and processes your workflow

• Products and services that enable you to reduce your overheads over time

Don’t forget that you can take advantage of professional advice in this area. HERO managed services LLC provides expert advice to businesses large and small, including infrastructure support, to help companies make the most of their tech offerings.

Clients and Customers

When the going gets tough, your business needs to remain visible and in the public eye. Even as millions of people around the world are suffering from lockdown and wondering about the future of their own jobs and their incomes, your business must show itself to be strong, robust and open to trade through the crisis. Put up positive and inspirational messaging for your brand on social media, and send out emails regularly to remind clients and customers that you’re still operational during the crisis.

To take this one step further, you could start sending out promotional products with help from brands such as Keylogo. From travel mugs to tote bags and notepads, you can customize these products and put your own stamp on them before handing them out to customers at trade fairs or when they order with you. You could even give out umbrellas, bags, or water bottles to your employees so that when they are out and about, your business can benefit from easy marketing.

PR and Publicity

On that note, if your company is in any way able to help with the current crisis, you can take advantage of some excellent national press reports. PR and publicity can be taken advantage of in times of crisis, helping you direct your efforts towards helping your community, while at the same time impressing journalists and social media users with your efforts to get involved in the current crisis engulfing the world.

These tips should help you alter your business to respond to the challenges of 2020.



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