How To Improve Security At Your Office

Poor security procedures are one of the most significant pitfalls small businesses face; leaving them vulnerable to significant financial loss, legal troubles and a negative public image. As a result, it’s important that you make a real effort to improve security procedures at your office – thus keeping your business safe.

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Thankfully, there are various ways you can achieve this goal, such as: 

Manage Building Access Carefully. By installing wireless office intercoms at your business, you can improve your security procedures considerably. This is because it allows you to remotely control who enters the office, reducing the chances of unauthorized personnel gaining access to the building. This also comes with the added benefit of being a secure, yet contactless way to sign in, making it a COVID-safe way to welcome contractors, visitors and customers onto your premises. 


Train your employees to be security-smart. According to a recent study, over 40% of security breaches are caused by employee negligence. For example, they may leave a window open on a hot day, providing offenders with an easy entry point into the building. Alternatively, they may not use a quality password for their emails, allowing hackers to gain access to sensitive documents. This once again makes clear the importance of training employees in every area of your business not only in their specific roles. 


Encourage employees to wear ID badges. There are many benefits to wearing ID badges in the office. Firstly, they can help to solidify your employees as a team by binding them together, therefore helping you to create a good office environment. However, they can also enhance security protocols by helping “security officers to tell who does and doesn’t belong to the company or building and can easily question or even remove unauthorised people”.


Invest in security software. Installing security software onto your computers, laptops and mobile devices is another great way to improve security within your office (and also for any remote workers on your team). This is because it will provide you with an extra layer of protection against cybersecurity breaches. This is a particularly important endeavour when you consider the fact that cybercrimes are on the rise, affecting approximately 80% of the business in operation today. If you aren’t sure which software to install, do your research and see which companies offer free software trials, as this will help you figure out whether the software is right for your business. You could also ask for recommendations from other business owners. 


Don’t forget just how important your password is. We’ve all heard stories about how a good password can protect your personal information, such as your social media accounts. However, the same practices should certainly be applied to your business, especially as the protected data could include customer contact information, addresses and even their banking details. As such, you should choose strong passwords and avoid using the same password across multiple accounts/types of software. You should also change passwords every quarter, and encourage employees to do the same. 



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