Efficient Google Tools and Products for Any Brand New Startup

The rate of success for startups varies depending on niche and industry, but for most, the overall rate of success isn’t particularly high. Whether a new business is opening its doors in Latin America or China, unique struggles await those who wish to pursue their dreams in the world of business.

As more and more people seek financial independence in the form of self-employment and small businesses, these challenges are only intensifying. The vast majority of the time, startups fail because of financial issues. Even if a startup is founded on an absolutely epic premise, a lack of cash flow – or an improper management of it – can bring everything crashing down.

Ultimately, startups have to work hard and cut every corner possible with respect to efficiency. For those startups seeking to make their day-to-day operations more efficient, there are many tools available from Google to consider. Let’s delve into a few of these products and tools that can help squeeze more efficiency out of any startup.

Google Drive

Whether a startup is venturing into the global e-commerce market or opening a local retail outlet, it is virtually impossible to succeed today without internet access. The internet makes it possible to execute more effective marketing strategies, stay organized, and find relevant information quickly. At the end of the day, Google provides services that enhance startups’ abilities to improve efficiency.

One example is Google Drive. This all-encompassing utility can serve as a word processor, spreadsheet solution and real-time file storage for all employees and workers. Whether employees are next to one another or halfway across the world, Drive allows for free, seamless collaboration that will dramatically bolster efficiency.

It doesn’t matter whether the team is working on a pay stub generator template or calculating return on investment: Google Drive’s efficiency is unparalleled as a free utility.

Google AdWords

Many startups with plans to drive business from online sources run headfirst into challenges. It can be practically impossible to generate an organic following from nothing when a startup is brand new. Thankfully, an efficient utility known as Google AdWords can provide an entrance into these audiences.

Through the use of keywords, bidding and Google’s patented search engine technology, startups can quickly deploy as many advertising campaigns as necessary to spread the word. Search engine advertising remains one of the most efficient ways of marketing in terms of maximizing marketing ROI. Businesses can deploy advertising campaigns with as little as a few dollars, making it absolutely essential to any startup’s marketing plans.

Google Keyword Planner

Being visible online is paramount for driving organic traffic to a website. Without organic visibility, startups will forever have to rely on paid search engine advertising. That, most definitely, is not efficient.

Enter Google Keyword Planner. This free utility not only can help businesses find relevant keywords and phrases to bid on when using Google AdWords, but it can also provide startups with ideas for organic SERP targeting as well.

In short, this will provide businesses with ideas on which specific search results to target with their content. The more visibility a startup has in search results, the more traffic comes their way. Whether a business wants to maximize their ROI when paying for visibility or improve visibility in relevant organic search results, Google’s Keyword Planner is a must-use tool for efficiency.

Google for Entrepreneurs

Google, once a lowly startup itself, has been the ultimate success story. It also has a vested interest in cultivating new talent among the next generation of startups. Enter Google for Entrepreneurs, which may be just the service a fledging startup needs in order to kick it into overdrive.

Google for Entrepreneurs is a network, providing classroom training and physical space for startups to dream, explore and ultimately thrive. From taxi apps in São Paulo to campuses in Seoul, this unique startup campus network can provide qualified startups with resources unimaginable to the average startup.

While not necessarily available for every startup, the training, advice and resources provided to those who do qualify help dramatically improve overall startup efficiency. Any startup should learn more about Google for Entrepreneurs today.

Google Classroom and Hangouts

Two great utilities for improving startup efficiency by further connecting employees, Google Classroom and Hangouts make it easy to coordinate, teach, explain and do.

Once available only to teachers, Google Classroom can now be used by anybody. Startups that want to bring in trainers to assist employees in learning new skills will be glad to know that the Classroom format is ideal for long-distance learning and instruction. Because a record of each action is saved, anybody can catch up on the classroom’s progress and stay connected with their fellow workers.

Google Hangouts can be used in a similar fashion, but focuses predominantly on live-streaming and video conversations. Whether the startup is building workforces in different time zones and needs to communicate or simply wants to make it easy for future employees to learn the ropes, Hangouts can facilitate text-based chats, video conferences or phone calls.

Ultimately, why pay for conference call software or expensive learning suites when Google already provides these ideal tools for startups?

Google Voice

For most startups, the struggle doesn’t present itself in the form of one or two major challenges: it comes as hundreds of little tasks and examples of professionalism that must be completed or implemented. One of these simple yet important tasks is the presence of one or more dedicated phone lines for any business.

Google Voice is an excellent utility for startups that want to enhance their professional image. The service provides anybody with a free phone number for calling, texting and voicemail (additional numbers can be purchased). The tool can be accessed from anywhere, from any device. Forwarding calls from an existing number takes mere seconds.

Google offers more than 100 services in all, many of which can provide startups and long-established businesses alike with many notable benefits. Finding ways in which to improve overall efficiency in the early days of a startup may make the difference between success and failure. At the very least, the use of these tools can help maintain a bit of sanity and order in an otherwise chaotic business climate.


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