4 Ways to Ensure Wellness at Work

Healthy staff are happy and productive staff, and it’s important to boost wellness in the workplace so that sickness and subsequent days off are reduced, work is completed to an excellent standard, and employee turnover is kept to a minimum. If you’re an employer, then it’s in your best interests to ensure that your team are well trained, aware of the health and safety procedures, able to communicate in a safe space, active, and eating as part of a well-balanced and nutritious diet. Employees need to feel comfortable working in their surroundings so that they can maintain concentration, avoid stress, and enjoy robust health and general wellness.


It’s your responsibility as an employee to call out wrongdoing, intimidation, and bullying if you see it going on. It’s not always easy for the victim to come forward to report the persecutor, so inform your manager should you witness nastiness. As an employer, it’s your prerogative to enforce a zero-tolerance policy that quells bad behavior and to remove offenders from the workplace. Bullying in the workplace can be just one cause of acute stress; stress that can result in psychological damage if left untreated. If you’re concerned about ill health caused by stress, then consider using www.the-compensation-experts.co.uk to see whether you’re eligible to receive compensation for the distress and pain you’ve suffered.

Health and Safety

Always follow the recommended guidelines when you undertake a task at work, especially one that requires you to lift heavy items or spend time around loud noise, and heavy and potentially dangerous machinery. You can stay safe at work providing you follow protocol, know how to recognize and avoid dangerous situations, and act quickly and responsibly in the case of an emergency. Stay safe and relaxed in the knowledge of your worker’s rights, access to health care if needed, and who to call if you’re injured at work due to negligence.

Encourage Healthier Eating

Initiate a healthy living scheme whereby you encourage members of your team to join you in eating well, exercising, and taking part in team marathons and activity days, for example. If you’re the manager of a company, consider asking your team what they’d like to see more of the staffroom, in terms of appliances for making hot beverages and snacks. If the general consensus agrees that’d like more sugary snacks, then it’s time to educate them on keeping healthy with a diet consisting of more fruit and vegetables. Consider welcoming a dietitian to speak for an evening, and to explain the importance of nurturing your mind and body.

Up and Active

Exercise is one of the most effective ways to stave off illness, and you should be aiming to get at least 30 minutes of exercise each day. To ensure wellness at work, consider starting the day off more actively than usual. This is to say that you should either walk or cycle to work, providing you don’t live too far away to do so. Remember to take regular breaks throughout the day to encourage concentration and healthy blood flow – get up, have a healthy snack to boost energy reserves, stretch, and go for a brisk walk around the premises.


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