How to Keep Your Startup Unique


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A unique startup idea is what every entrepreneur yearns to discover. The market place is full of identical businesses, all shouting for attention in a desperate bid to catch the attention of potential customers. The great thing about a startup based on a unique idea is that you should be able to cut straight through this noise and get your brand recognized pretty quickly.


The issue that many business owners suffer with, is that in order to make their startup a success, they take themselves off into different directions than they originally planned to. Over time, wandering away from the original business idea can take away that uniqueness that launched the startup in the first place.


There are many reasons why a startup loses its identity. The demand for the product could be overestimated, maybe its uniqueness was just a fad, or perhaps the idea wasn’t scaleable. However, with some careful planning and close monitoring of the brand, it should be possible to make a success of a unique business idea.


What’s Your USP?


The term unique selling proposition (USP) is often considered outdated marketing jargon. However, it does a great job of getting entrepreneurs thinking about how their startup will differentiate itself from the thousands of others out there.


A USP shouldn’t be too gimmicky, or too focused on a particular trend, as it just won’t stand the test of time. To achieve longevity, especially in a saturated market, identifying something which is different about your business and separates it from your competitors is crucial.


Build Your Brand


Once your USP is established, it is time to develop your brand to match its uniqueness. Creating a brand identity that communicates exactly what your business stands for is vital. Incorporate this brand identity into every aspect of your business. Keeping your branding consistent not only strengthens it, but also speeds up the brand recognition process.


Keep in mind that once you have built a successful brand, especially a unique one, people will try to imitate it. For example, if you sell items online, through marketplaces such as Amazon, then you may notice that copies of your products start cropping up. When you have put your heart and soul into building your business, this is incredibly upsetting. It is useful to know your rights and how to act when a situation like this occurs. Get yourself informed of what to do before the situation arises and you will be able to act quickly if you find yourself in this situation. Knowing how to report amazon infringement in advance will be helpful. This will help you to guard against people stealing your ideas and will keep your business unique.


Stay True

Staying true to your values may sound a little cheesy, but it is a sure-fire way to keep your business unique. Staying true doesn’t mean that you have to run your business into the ground for your principles. Instead, it means continuing to steer it in the direction you originally envisaged.



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