The Pros of Trading Online


Our lives are becoming increasingly hectic, forcing us to juggle lots of different things in a short space of time. The internet is helping to take the strain, particularly when it comes to shopping. It’s now the norm for consumers to order their groceries online, as well as their clothes for a holiday or maybe a new piece of furniture for the house. But if you’re about to start a business, or are already running one, what are the benefits of trading online? Here are some reasons for you to ponder.


What is eCommerce?


When you hear the term ‘eCommerce,’ what comes to mind? Well, it’s the formal way of describing online trading – taking your products and selling to customers through the internet. Those customers make payments online, doing everything from their office chair or living room sofa. It’s a growing industry and is likely to grow even further over the coming years.


You have a fear of technology? Don’t worry, you can get a specialist in bigcommerce design to create your online selling platform, your website. Take time to discuss the customers you want to reach, the products you offer and any unique selling points you have over competitors.


What’s so good about it?


  • You have customers that want to buy online. With less time on our hands, consumers are changing their shopping habits. They want to buy goods quickly and easily and, for many, that means turning to a website or app to order online for collection or delivery. They don’t want to be rushing in their work lunch break, they would rather flop down at home in the evening and do it at their own pace
  • You can widen your customer base. If you just have a physical shop in a town, you’re only likely to attract customers from that town and the surrounding areas. Accessibility is restricted. By going online, your business can trade with a much bigger market – locally, regionally, nationally and even internationally! And surely this has to be good for business?
  • You can connect with customer needs. When a customer is looking to buy a specific product or service, they will often go to the internet and search for it. If your company pops up, you can directly connect with them – responding to their needs
  • You can trade on the go. Most people have a mobile phone and/or a tablet these days – they’re accessing the internet on the go, while they’re travelling to work, while they’re relaxing in a coffee shop. If you’re trading online, you can reach these people
  • You can keep your costs down. Ask yourself, ‘do I really need a physical shop in the street?’ Running your company completely online can make your venture a whole lot cheaper. Good news if you haven’t got much capital in the bank as a start-up, or if you’re testing out the market for your products or services, alongside other work




Good to know


When trading online, you should have the most up-to-date security software, and you need to be careful with the way you use and store customer data



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